Saturday, January 2, 2010

There Is a Cookie Monster in the House

You may remember that a few weeks ago Newman’s Own Organics sent us some samples of their products to try. Everyone was excited when the big box arrived, and I declared right then and there that I would be in charge of distributing/managing the goodies…

Well, when I wasn’t bringing out the goodies, hubby took matters into his own hands and dug into the Newman-O’s.


He told me after he opened them… He really enjoyed the cookies. I honestly didn’t look at how many cookies he was eating (but I told him to save me one), but I knew he was eating them because the milk was disappearing very quickly, and we usually don’t drink that much milk. The few times I “caught” him with cookies, he really enjoyed them. He noted that there wasn’t a hint of grease and that they tasted “really good in a good way."

And I was left ONE cookie to sample myself; well, I guess that’s all I had asked for…. It was indeed very good, and I could see that dipping it in milk may be nice. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a second cookie to try this with… Thank you again Newman's Own Organics for letting us sample these goodies!

What really stood out was how hubby was able to enjoy the cookies without beating himself up for being “bad” and how he naturally fit them into his day. Sure, he made some questionable choices in my opinion when he ate about four or five (could it have been six???) of them with a big glass of milk for breakfast one day. But he enjoyed them, and then ate plenty of fruits and veggies the rest of the day. He didn’t obsess about it. Food is supposed to be enjoyed, and that’s what he did.

Questions: How do you handle treats? Do you enjoy them and then move one? Or do you have a tendency to beat yourself up?

Be well,