Monday, January 25, 2010

Quick Date and Weekly Meals

Hubby and I recently went on a quick date. Actually, we mainly ran some errands, but we also got a quick bite to eat.

We shared some seared Ahi tuna with some pickled vegetables as well as a salad with goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, and pomegranate seeds.


And for dessert, we split a banana bread pudding. Hubby commented that the dessert looked a bit strange… But it was very good!

On to this week’s meals:

Tuesday: Leak soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Wednesday: Wrapped Up Wednesday: I’ll wrap sautéed shrimp and veggies into Savoy Cabbage leaves. I received two small heads of Savoy Cabbage in my CSA delivery and will cut up one for a salad and take the other one apart to use as “wrappers.”

Thursday: Butternut squash soup with quinoa.

Friday: Salad Friday.

Question: What’s your favorite soup at the moment?
Be well,


  1. that banana dessert looks alot like my bananas foster I made

    The ahi looks perfect!

    The couple time: priceless!

    And yes, re your comment, time does fly when you have kids...however!!! there are times when it feels like a stage is standing still :) and time is stuck! by and large though, after 6 mos old, it flies!

  2. Ahi tuna, drool! Mmmm!

    I'm craving a good, homemade minestrone or potato soup!

  3. That Ahi tuna looks great. I think my favorite soup is an old staple, plain old campbells homestyle chicken noodle. It is horribly salty, but so yummy.

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  4. Everything looks so fantastic. You had me at that salad! And I love ahi tuna.

    My favorite soup at the moment would have to be tomato or butternut squash.

    I was actually planning on making grilled cheese, and grilled PB&J soon!

  5. yay for a date! especially with that amazing dessert.

  6. It looks like a great date night! Food looks delicious! My favorite soup is pho.

  7. That ahi tuna is mouthwatering right now!!! My fav soup has to to be tomato. Hands down! ;-D

  8. Love the presentation of the ahi. So artsy looking. And that banana bread pudding may have looked odd to your hubby, but I would gladly eat his leftovers. ;)

  9. The tuna looks perfect. Glad you enjoyed a nice meal. My fave soup right now is probably just a veggie soup, but the cream of broccoli we made was pretty darn tasty too.

  10. I haven't had soup on forever! Until yesterday during a lunch meeting and I had tomoato soup. It was lovely!

  11. My all-time favorite soup is split pea! So easy and so filling.

  12. Looks like a delicious meal with the hubby! Last night I had lentil soup and it was wonderful.

  13. YUM! That tuna looks amazing!

  14. That is a weird looking banana bread! Bet it was tasty, though...

  15. Anonymous1/26/2010

    That meal looks delicious and I love what you have planned for the week.
    I just can't get enough of butternut squash soup. But lately I've been doing soups with lots of veggies.

  16. I've been loving butternut squash soup lately but I'm making broccoli, bean and cheddar soup tonight... so good :)

  17. Briana1/26/2010

    The tuna looks amazing!

  18. gah that banana bread pudding looks so good! so does the rare tuna. nice meal plan!