Saturday, January 16, 2010

First “Real” Haircut

The toddler had his first “real” haircut yesterday. By “real” I mean we took him to a kid’s hair salon instead of chopping off random pieces of hair a couple times per week ourselves… We had not been very hopeful that the toddler would “behave,” but he did great!

I was a bit sad all day because he all of a sudden looked so much bigger and much more “grown up” to me…

Later in the day…

Question: What are you up to this weekend? We don’t have any real plans, but it’s supposed to rain a lot, and we bought the toddler green turtle rain boots and a cool rain coat. I think we’ll have some fun in the rain! The toddler LOVES puddles! I just hope hubby and I find a way to stay somewhat dry as well…

Be well,


  1. There is like a 80-100% chance of rain in New Orleans today! I'm digging out my rain boots and running lots of wedding errands. Have a wonderful weekend... especially playing in the rain :)

  2. Anonymous1/16/2010

    The toddler is too cute! Who doesn't love puddles?! I hate rain, but I admit to being a sucker for the puddles : ) I am planning some business in the kitchen, getting in a long run today, watching Illinois play basketball, and I have a hockey game tomorrow. Other than that, just errands! We went to a comedy club last night and had a blast! Have a great weekend, Andrea!

  3. He's just the cutest. I have pictures form my first haircut, and I was reading a book too! I had tons of really curly hair so my mom used to get my hair cut often (she didn't know how to deal with my curly hair because hers is STICK straight!). I always had short hair as a kid.

    This weekend we are going to dinner for Nick's b-day with his family. Other than that, lots of relaxing and errands. The usual!

  4. oh he looks like he's sitting so well and is just adorable!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your little one with us. Every time I see a pic of him it makes me feel good! That haircut is too cute.

    I'm cleaning my basement this weekend. I know, fun right? Hopefully do some visiting and I am planning, that's right, planning, a bubble bath!

    Have a great weekend Andrea!

  6. Such a stylish little man! It is dingy here in Indianapolis. Everyone's car is covered with road salt and it is useless to wash it off because it is back within a block of leaving the car wash! Everyone here is Colts obsessed. The Colts play the Ravens tonight and that rivalry goes all the way back to Irsey "stealing" the Colts away from Baltimore in the middle of the night and moving them here!

  7. What an experience. I know that is a big milestone for kids. I would be afraid I would hurt someone trying to do it myself so you guys are super brave. Looks like it turned out to be a nice cut for him.

  8. I remember being sad when Noah got his first haircut, too. He had this way cool ringlet on top of his head and I hated to get rid of it but people were starting to mistake him for a girl! Whoops....

    We have an out of town hockey game tomorrow that's only 15mins away from Niagara Falls so we may stop there for some lunch. It's been over a year since we've gone!!

    Hope you're having some fun in the puddles....

  9. OMG what a milestone!
    Skylar hasnt had one, nor will she...I want long blond hair on my lil pupkin. It's different though obvi with a girl :)

  10. He did so great! I think my toddler would have lost his mind if I took him to a real place. I usually cut it myself with a lot of distractions for him!

  11. Oh I know what you mean about feeling sad after those hair cuts. JJ is due for his 2yo one and I have been dragging my feet.

    his cut looks so handsome though! lil cutie!

    I think playing in rain puddles sounds like KILLER fun! make some ho cocoa for later!
    we are home from our trip to see Pops. Tired but happy!
    tomorrow...home projects and catch up (like menu planning) and Raw Sunday.

    Happy Saturday

  12. I'm watching 'Food, Inc.' this weekend!

    And I'm sure you've heard this 100 times, but your son is so adorable!

  13. aw! he looks adorable with his new haircut.

  14. Briana1/19/2010

    I love the haircut! So cute!