Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Cookie Monster Strikes Again

Well, it was only a matter of time that hubby asked for more cookies from the box that Newman’s Own Organics sent us to sample a while back. And this time he convinced me that we should open two bags at the same time: one “for us” and one “for the toddler.” He chose the Newman’s Own Organics Orange Chocolate cookies for “us.” I had one as soon as he opened the bag, just to make sure I would get one… And it was a good thing I did because when I wanted to get another one a few days later, they were all gone… I really enjoyed the orange/chocolate combo, and I liked that the cookies were small.

“For the toddler” he chose the Newman’s Own Organics Cinnamon Graham Alphabet Cookies.

I have to say that the toddler truly enjoyed a few of “his” cookies, but I certainly noticed that the majority of the cookies were eaten by none other than the cookie monster, aka hubby! I also enjoyed a few of the cinnamon graham cookies; they are delicious. I love all things with cinnamon, and alphabet cookies are just so much fun… Plus they are small, and the serving size is 10 cookies and 120 calories (I think; I’m writing this from memory…). I felt very satisfied with just 5 cookies and still got my cinnamon/sugar fix.

Question: What’s your favorite cookie? I think I’d have to say snickerdoodles; I told you I love cinnamon…

And don’t forget, you still have until tonight, Thursday, January 21 at 9:00 p.m. PST to enter my Core Performance for Women giveaway. The toddler will draw a winner tomorrow morning, and I will post the winner later in the day.

Be well,