Friday, January 15, 2010

Nuts for Nuts

Several weeks ago Tierra Farm sent us samples of their organic nuts and dried fruits. We eat organic food whenever we can, and we were very excited to try the organic nuts and dried fruits.

Here is what was in the box:

  • Organic Maple Cashew Butter
  • Organic Dried Mango Slices
  • Organic Crystallized Ginger
  • Organic Raw Walnuts
  • Organic Roasted Agave Ginger Cashews
  • Organic Dried Cranberries
  • Organic Chocolate Covered Almonds
  • Organic Maple Glazed Mixed Nuts
  • Organic Roasted Curry Cashews
  • Organic Roasted Salted Pistachio Meat
  • Organic Hunza Golden Raisins
  • Organic Roasted Unsalted Almonds
So far we have tried the pistachio meat, the roasted curry cashews, the chocolate covered almonds, and the maple glazed mixed nuts.

Hubby very much enjoyed the pistachio meat, and it was gone in no time… My favorite so far were the curry cashews. I love curry, and I don’t think I had ever had nuts with curry. They were absolutely delicious. I was very sad when I ate the last few… The teenager dug into the chocolate covered almonds; I think he was a bit disappointed that it was dark chocolate. But no worries, hubby and I have been enjoying a few each evening. I think the dark chocolate goes perfectly with the almonds.

Thank you Tierra Farm for letting us try your products! We're really looking forward to trying the rest of them.

Question: What's your favorite nut? I eat a few walnuts almost every morning with my oatmeal. And I love cashews. I think the curry cashews are the best cashews I have ever had...

Be well,


  1. Anonymous1/15/2010

    Wow, what an awesome package with excellent nut products! We love all kinds of nuts but probably almonds best of all!

  2. The curry cashews were the thing that really jumped out at me on that list. I love curry and I can see that the creamy texture of the cashew would go beautifully with it. Hmm. Might have to throw a few cashews into my next curry dish.

    I'm not sure I have a favourite nut. I love eating pistachios in the shell because having to play with them to eat each one individually makes the happiness last longer and helps to prevent over indulging. I live almonds a lot too. Mostly because they are so versatile.

  3. live = love - proof read, Tamara, proof read!

  4. Anonymous1/15/2010

    woo! such a big load of goodies!!!
    fav nut=almond! :)

  5. What a great freebie :)
    They all sound soooo good!
    My favorite would have to be almonds and close second are walnuts.

  6. Oh my, that's a GREAT package! Favorite nut...that's tough, but it'd have to be between walnuts, pistachios, and peanuts.

  7. Wow, that;s a nice package to have received to try out. I hate nuts and I love nuts. I have no in between. My fave is pistachio and I like macadamias and almonds, but I hate most everything else, expecially if it is in something. I like nuts plain on their own.

  8. Whoa!! Those are samples!!!! ;-D My favorite nuts would be pecans and cashews.

  9. What a generous package! I'd have to say that although I like pretty much every kind of nut, walnuts would be my favourite...

  10. Curry cashews sounds delicious! I'm jealous of all the nuts you got to try.
    My favorite would have to be almonds & cashews.

  11. holy moly deliciousness! you scored the motherload! ummm...curry cashews? game over. i need those.

    i think my all-time fave nut is the almond...SO GOOD!

  12. WOW what a great package to receive! I LOVE almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts!

  13. My favorite nut is almonds. I'm not a big walnut fan, but like pecans. I like cashews a lot too!

  14. You got that sample in the mail, for free?! I am SUCH a lover of nuts. I could seriously live off of them, nuts of any kind. I eat nut butter and almond butter all day long. My favorite is Barney Butter, but of course I love my Smart Balance. As for the actual NUTS, I love peanuts and walnuts, and cashews!! Yum, I want some right now. I love to bake them too, it brings out their flavors even more.

  15. This was such a great sample! My favorite nut is macadamia, I'm compulsive!

  16. yum! i think they're sending us some stuff soon - I CANNOT WAIT!!!

  17. Very cool!! Awesome sample - my favorites are those little honey roasted ones. Amazing. And boiled peanuts hehe. When I cook though i'm all for almond slivers!

  18. I eat nuts every single day. I usually rotate between almonds, cashews, and pistachios. That package looks and soulds amazing!

  19. Good gravy! You hit the jackpot with that package! Hope you enjoy them all. My favorite nut is probably almonds--especially if they are chocolate:)