Sunday, February 28, 2016

Stripes and More Stripes

I love stripes. Especially white and blue stripes. I am instantly drawn to anything blue/white striped and always have to check myself to make sure I can justify a new “striped purchase.” (I have currently this scarf in my online “basket” and am looking at it daily…).

Here are a few of my favorite recent striped outfits.

I really like the striped scarf with the striped tee.
StripedScarfAnd my striped blouse from last week’s post, which I paired with a turquoise necklace.
BlueWhiteBlouseI also like to layer stripes underneath sweaters and a blazer.  
LayersMy black and white striped long sleeve tee from White House Black Market is many years old but still one of my favorites as it is nice and soft and held up extremely well. It’s an example that sometimes paying more is definitely worth it as the cost per wear for this tee is quite low.
BlackWhiteStripedTee Striped options: Black/white mini stripes long sleeve tee (similar to the one in the last photo), red/white long sleeve tee, medium blue/white long sleeve tee (on major sale), blue/white short sleeve tee with longer sleeves, red/white short sleeve tee (sleeves quite short), white/yellow thick stripes tee, green/white long sleeve tee, grey/white long sleeves with slouch collar tee, medium blue/white long sleeve tee

Questions: Do you like stripes? If so, what’s your favorite way to wear them? Thinking of adding any stripes to your wardrobe? I have quite a few white/blue and some white/black striped tops, but I think it may be time to add some other colors...

Be well,

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

White Skinny Jeans

It was unseasonably warm here last week (80+ degrees), and I enjoyed bringing out some spring/summer clothes. To me, white jeans say spring/summer more than most other clothes (not that you can’t wear white pants year round; there are fabulous examples everywhere).

White Skinny Jeans 3 
I especially love pairing white jeans with striped tops. This time, I decided to pair the jeans with a thin, blue/white vertically striped blouse. I bought the blouse last year on super clearance at Banana Republic right before my summer Germany trip. It ended being the piece of clothing I wore by far the most. It’s comfortable, doesn’t wrinkle, and is easy to wash (in a sink if need be) and dry. I was traveling back and forth between my hometown and the rehab center where my dad was staying. Since I took public transportation, I tried to take as little as possible, and I pretty much lived in the blouse… 

White Skinny Jeans 1
I always like wearing a turquoise necklace with blue and white.

Turqouise Necklace

I also carried my new(wish) light pink Rebecca Minkoff Medium MAB bag; I’m still in love with it.

Pink Rebecca Minkoff MAB Bag 2

I enjoyed wearing my brown sandals, too. They have a higher heel than I normally wear (you can’t really see it in the photo as it disappears in the grass), but they are comfortable. Nevertheless, we ended up going on a 4-mile walk on the day I wore them (at the end on a non-paved trail), and I wished at that point I had worn different shoes... 


Outfit Details
Jeans: Yummie Skinny Jeans (since I liked the blue Yummie super skinny jeans so much, I decided to order the white skinny jeans as well when they were on sale)
Blouse: Banana Republic old (I like this, this, and this)
Shoes: Born old (I really like these but these look comfortable)
Necklace: old (I like this, this, and this)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAB in rose (same bag in white, brown, and black)

Questions: What are you looking forward to wearing most in spring? What colors are you looking to add to your wardrobe/or wear again? 

Be well,

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Missoni Love

Besides the red tights (last week’s post), I also bought some grey, textured tights when I was in Germany (in a grocery store of all places). I decided to wear them with my Missoni for Target dress. I can’t believe I almost tossed the dress several times… I so love wearing it now! And I’m always drawn to iconic Missoni prints and am thinking of adding some new pieces to my wardrobe (see below).


Outfit Details

Dress: Missoni for Target old (I love this Missoni dress (a real splurge); I also love this and this much more affordable Missoni dress from TheRealReal - I’ve been meaning to check out TheRealReal, an online consignment store that verifies that designer pieces are authentic. They have lots of Missoni and other designers at great prices.)
Tights: German “no name” brand; these tights are great: grey cable knit tights, grey houndstooth tights
Blazer: Zara

Questions: Are there any clothing items you almost gave away/sold/donated that you now wear a lot? Any items you gave away and regretted? I can think of a few: a great black & white tunic that I soooo would want back is one example. Have you ever used TheRealReal? If so, how was your experience? 

Be well,

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Friday, February 12, 2016

A Cancer in the Family Review

I often get contacted to review books, clothing, jewelry, and other items on the blog. Most often, I decline the offer as many items don’t quite fit the blog and/or my interest, or I just simply don’t have time to do a review.

When I was contacted to review A Cancer in the Family by Theodora Ross, M.D., Ph.D. that was not the case. My interest was immediately piqued as there is cancer in my family, not just one cancer type, but many.


And I’m very glad that I read the book because Dr. Ross very calmly yet comprehensively discusses cancer that is caused by genetic mutation based on her own family history. To be honest, before I started reading the book, I was worried it would make me more anxious. But that was not the case. Instead, I started to feel empowered because I was finally thinking about the “elephant in the room.” And in the end, I came away with a wealth of useful information.

Throughout the book, Dr. Ross makes the point that knowing is better than not knowing, and knowledge allows us to make informed decisions. She also discusses what mutations need to be dealt with immediately and which are not as much a worry. The discussion of what clusters of cancers “go together” and are possible warning signs of mutations are very helpful, as is the discussion of how a good genetics counselor can help decide which tests are right for each patient (there are so many tests, that you can’t be tested for everything). The book is a good reminder of the importance of getting as much of a family cancer history as possible. Dr. Ross also points out that family secrets and incomplete information are very common when it comes to family health histories - a very useful reminder.

If there is a lot of cancer in your family and you are wondering if it may be caused by a genetic mutation, I think A Cancer in the Family  is a very good book to read. Dr. Ross provides a wealth of useful information and communicates it in a way I wish all doctors communicated difficult material to their patients.

Be well,

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Colored Tights 3 Ways

I’ve been intrigued by colored tights for a while, but I was always hesitant to buy some since I didn't know if I would actually wear them. But during my trip to Germany I picked up red Falke Soft Merino tights at the airport of all places. The tights felt soft and seemed warm and just called my name. I like that they are bold but not too bold (they actually look brighter in the photos than in real life).

The tights definitely pushed me to the edge of my comfort zone, especially since I paired them with my “witch boots,” as Andy and the kid lovingly refer to them. I’ve had the boots for about ten years and enjoy wearing them once in a while. But they are a bit more edgy than my usual shoes...

I first paired the tights with a grey knit skirt, black tunic, and grey sweater. The tights add a pop of color to the outfit.


Next, I repeated the red of the tights in a red tunic. It’s a bit matchy matchy as is, but a coat or blazer may change that...


Finally, I tried some color blocking, with my cobalt blue sweater and a cobalt scarf.  


I threw on a grey blazer before we went out. 


The tights are definitely a change from what I normally wear, but it’s fun experimenting with them, and I look forward to playing with them some more soon.

Outfit Details
Skirt: Banana Republic (similar Banana Republic dark knit skirt, similar)
Grey sweater: Banana Republic (similar)
Black tunic: Loft
Tights: Falke (blue, black, anthracite)
Cobalt blue cashmere sweater: Kirkland  (similar, similar)
Cobalt blue scarf: Banana Republic (I love this blue Banana Republic scarf (on major sale), as well as this one and this one)
Red tunic: Loft (same style in turquoise & soft pink)
Boots: Anne Klein from 10+ years ago
Grey blazer: Betty Barclay - my favorite blazer as it’s so comfortable

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Questions: Do you wear colored tights? If so, which colors do you own? 

Be Well,

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