Friday, August 28, 2015

Favorite Low Calorie Drink

I drink a lot of water. But sometimes I get tired of plain, old water, even after adding lemon or cucumber slices, mint, basil, blueberries, or raspberries.

I was excited to find a low cal seltzer with no added sugar or sweeteners but lots of flavor the other day. My local Trader Joe’s carries two flavors: Raspberry Lime and Grapefruit. While I don’t care much for the Raspberry Lime, I LOVE the Grapefruit. It tastes like it “should” (nice and tart!) and is super refreshing. I still drink mainly plain water but love enjoying a can of the Grapefruit seltzer once in a while, especially in a pretty wine glass.  

Spindrift Seltzer 2
Spindrift Seltzer 3
Spindrift Seltzer 5
Spindrift Seltzer 4 

SpindriftSeltzer 1

Question: What’s your favorite drink at the moment? 

Be well,

[Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I bought the seltzer with my own money and received no product or compensation for this blog post.]

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

End of Summer Color Choice: White

While you can certainly wear white after Labor Day, nothing says summer like white. At least that’s how I have been feeling lately. And I am especially fond of white and navy. I realized that I hadn’t worn a lot of white yet this summer and changed that quickly.

On Saturday (for our Livermore Wine Country trip), I wore white capris with a white/navy tank and a navy cardigan along with a colorful statement necklace.

White  Navy 1 
White  Navy 4


And on Monday I worked at home and was comfortable (yet slightly more put together than my usual yoga pants) when I paired the white capris with a very soft, comfy purple tee.

White  purple

Questions: What’s your go-to/favorite piece(s) of clothing right now? I’m definitely into as much white as possible. While reading some fashion/style blogs, I realized how nice white and grey looks and wish I had a nice grey tee to pair with my white capris. I’m trying to not buy any new pieces in the next few months, but the “perfect” grey tee is going on my “list.”

Be well,