Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Highlights of 2009

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There were ups, and there were some serious downs. But we are so thankful for all the happy moments we got to experience! We can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for us.

Question: What were some of your highlights of 2009?

Be well,



  1. Anonymous12/29/2009

    these pictures are adorable!! I love how you made it sepia - classic effect :)
    happy new year!

  2. One of these days you should hand the camera over to hubs. And don't cut your head off! :P

    Highlights for me: watching my daughter win a gold medal for the 400IM at the ON provincial SC age group swim meet in Nepean and set a new meet record for 12 year olds, being in Germany, seeing the Eiffel Tower and Paris in general, losing 17 lbs (15 to go!), running my first (and second) 10k.

    Thanks Andrea. I don't focus on the positive things in my life enough.

  3. Andrea, your pics are fantastic! You are such a wonderful photographer! I agree with Tamara, you need to come out from behind the camera and show your gorgeous self:)

  4. what great photos and memories. love it. here's to another good year!

  5. Anonymous12/29/2009

    Andrea, your family is so beautiful!

    Highlights of 09 -- lots! Getting married (perfect wedding day!), buying our first home, getting our first pet, getting my first job, becoming a dietitian, graduating grad school, finishing my thesis. It's been a busy, wonderful year!

  6. I agree...where's your smiley face?

    your 09 highlight pics are beautiful! I love them all and the sepia makes them so nostalgic!

    my highlights?
    every minute with JJ. Running, starting my blog, the food, the challenges, the hurdles, and the FRIENDS!

    thanks for being such a great addition to my great year Andrea!

  7. Anonymous12/29/2009

    I love all those beautiful, happy photos! :)

    Highlights of 2009: retreats, working on my faith, graduating college, going to grad school, quitting my job, breaking up with bf, starting a blog, so many things!

  8. Love the pics.

    Some of my 2009 Highlights include getting engaged, starting a blog, and making some great blog friends!!!

  9. Beautiful photos, Andrea! Treasured memories, no doubt!

  10. Love those pictures Andrea! My highlights were much like yours - just loving watching my family grow!

  11. You pictures, as always, are wonderful. You have an amazing camera, which is perfect for capturing an absolutely beautiful and happy child.

    Like you, I've (and we've) had our ups and downs this year, but I like to focus on the ups! First and foremost, Nick quit dipping. I couldn't have asked for anything else, or anything better this year.

  12. LOVED the pictures...What a lovely family!

    My highlight....was when I returned home much "fatter" and healthier than before, surprisingly the heck out of my parents!

  13. ADORABLE!!! my highlight was getting to take a trip to India with my husband!

  14. ah, this is such a sweet post! 2010 will be a great year :)

  15. Love the beautiful photos! My highlights include traveling to Spain, spending time with my new niece (and family all together) and starting a blog!

  16. Those pictures are seriously too cute to handle! Best smile ever!

    My highlights include moving back home to Saudi Arabia and opening up my vegan bakery. I still can't believe how much happened this year, I loved it!

  17. Awh, these pics are too cute! I love it. I'm sure these times help with those down times :)
    Hope 2010 brings great joy and excitement!

  18. OMG these are so beautiful! you should go on and make a calender or memory book!

  19. You have a beautiful family!

  20. Awww.. those pictures are awesome!!

    My highlights were I finally got my associates degree! I also studied and passed my certification to become a nutrition and wellness consultant, more on that in 2010. My kids did great in school, and I survived 3 rounds of lay offs at my job!

    Happy New Year!!

  21. Beautiful photos!

    We had a kickass trip to New Englad this summer. That pretty much rocked. :)

  22. This is adorable! Really great photographs.

    I figured out what I want from life (at the moment, anyways- I know that things are always changing!), what I'm willing to give, and who I do and don't want in my life this past year. And I'm awfully grateful for that.

  23. Once again, I love the photos!

    For the first part of 2009 I had a job I thought I always wanted and learned that what I wanted, wasn't what I wanted. That's my big good and bad thing of 2009.

  24. Love the pictures, totally adorable.

  25. Beautiful photos!

    Happy Happy New Year, Andrea!

  26. Those are such beautiful pictures. Wishes for happiness and blessings in the coming year.

  27. Ahhh. I see family love. Thank you for sharing your joy!

  28. What a great photo montage! One of my many highlights of 2009 would be finding so many new friends and like minded mamas out here in cyber space! Here's hoping for more ups than downs in 2010 Mama Andrea!

  29. happy happy 2010.
    here's hoping your family is still letting you slumber :)