Monday, December 21, 2009

In Desperate Need of Some Greens

Somehow it’s no problem for me to eat mainly fruits & veggies during the summer months. However, lately there have been quite a few days when I felt like I didn’t get enough greens, even with the tall glass of veggie/fruit juice we usually drink first thing in the morning.

I picked up a big container of organic spinach and decided that it was time for a huge spinach salad for lunch.

To make the dressing I sautéed an onion and some mushrooms and seasoned them with salt & pepper.

Once the onions and mushrooms were slightly soft, I added some balsamic vinegar and let everything cook for a minute. Then I poured the mixture over the spinach and added some Parmesan cheese.

I topped the salad with an egg.

I had a few more helpings of the salad; I was really craving some greens…

Question: What have you been craving lately?

Be well,