Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Fun & Some Organic Goodies

For the past week, my brother-in-law has been visiting. The first day the toddler got scared when his uncle walked up the stairs very early in the morning as he hadn’t seen him in a few months, and he wasn’t all the way awake yet (it takes the toddler a LOOONG time to wake up in the morning; something I can’t really relate to as I’m a morning person…). It took the toddler a few hours to adjust to the “new person”… But ever since, he loves being around his uncle.

Here they are having some fun with bubbles…

We have spent a lot of time with my brother-in-law, and he works out with us every day at the gym. He, the teenager, and hubby have also been playing a lot of basketball. It’s sort of strange when your family lives far away as you see them only once in a while, but when you see them, you see them a lot all at once. But we love having him around. Sadly, he is going to leave soon…

My brother-in-law really wanted to eat at some of his favorite restaurants in the area, so we have been eating out a bit more than usual. But we also had plenty of home-cooked meals. Sadly, no pictures were taken of any meals…

A few weeks ago, I was lucky and won Nicole’s giveaway of some Newman’s Own Organics products. And a few days ago I was even luckier when I was sent an entire box of Newman’s Own Organics products to sample. My family was really excited too. The teenager is actually really appreciating organic food these days and even reads labels, something he really started doing after taking a cooking/nutrition class. (I guess sometimes others are a bigger influence than parents…). Anyway, here are our goodies:

I can’t wait to try these products over the next weeks! There are pretzels, cookies, dried fruits (my oatmeal is in desperate need of some variety!), chocolates, mints, etc. I guess my family won’t be able to complain that there is “nothing to eat” in the house for a while. Well, at least there are snacks… But I will play portion control "police" and distribute the goodies as I see fit... Thank you Newman's Own Organics for letting us try these products!

My brother-in-law already sampled the Newman’s Own Organics Milk Chocolate and really liked it.

Questions: Do you live close to your family? Or do some, or most of your family members, live far away? Most of our family lives far, far away. Some of them we don’t even get to see once a year, which is very sad…

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  1. Indeed I DO live close - right in the same house, haha! :-D

  2. I have never tried Newman's Own :( They look awesome!!
    My daughter lives in Holland until October, my son lives in Edmonton Alberta. So this is our first Christmas alone.
    I am planning on visiting them both this year though :)

  3. Anonymous12/20/2009

    Awww, your brother in law and the toddler look adorable playing with the bubbles :)

    And wow, look at those goodies! I agree that Newman's Own has fabulous chocolates! I get it when I can.

    I'm fortunate enough to have most of my family within a two hour drive. I live with my parents and my both sets of my grandparents live about 5-10 minutes away :)

  4. Andrea, I've never seen a picture of you, nor your husband, but I'm wondering if your husband is Asian. Is he? I'm looking at the picture of your brother and law and he looks like he's Asian. Am I wrong? I'm just curious :)

    All those Newman's Own goodies look fantastic. What a GREAT giveaway prize!! I need to get Nick some of that 35% milk chocolate, for sure.

    Our relatives all live close by, and we see them all at least 3 times a year. It's nice...most of the time!

  5. oh wow! i'll the products look incredible!!! what a fun package!

  6. Mmmm....I love Newman's products. As for family, majority of them live in the Philippines. So it get's a bit lonely and homesickness kicks in It's just my mom and I here in the US, but I'm happy that she's with me for holidays. That's all that matters.

  7. Awww, those pictures are adorable. Love it!

    Right now I leave close to all my immediate family and I really love it. I know this won't be the case much longer so I'm trying to appreciate and cherish it now.

  8. Anonymous12/20/2009

    Isn't NOO's WONDERFUL!? Their package of "samples" has still lasted me, and I've given a lot of it away in giveaways! Did you get the dog treats? My pup LOVED them! I have to find them!

    I live far from my family, and I miss them a lot. I see my extended family (cousins, uncles, aunts, etc) about 1-2 times a year and it almost gets awkward at times. I wish we lived closer and saw more of each other, as I've always been envious of tight-knit families that see each other all the time.

  9. we are lucky to have some family living near us in l.a. but most of our close, immediate relatives are on the east coast.

  10. Nice goodies. Everything looks great. that is so nice that you have family visiting. I haven't lived near family in 5-6 years. Now I live near no one else since I am living overseas. I can't wait until everyone starts to visit me soon.

  11. Great package! Wow!

    We live far from everyone, so only see family about once a year. It is hard.

  12. OMG! What a great box of goodies!!! Hope you enjoy them all.

    My family all lives very close to me...

  13. Anonymous12/20/2009

    My relatives live all the way in KOrea...My immediate family lives in VA, fortunately, though my parents might move to China soon. :-(

    OMG. You're a lucky duck!! SOoo much goodies!

  14. Most of my family lives pretty close! I see them regularly at holidays, birthday parties, etc!

  15. wow, what a great box of goodies!

    We live a few hours away, which isn't too bad. I would love to see my family more often, but we do see them as often as possible.

  16. ahh I got that package a couple months ago from NO and OMG it is amazing, I still have lots of goodies left too!!! it will last a while, enjoy it!

    my extended family lives very far away! acutally in costa rica and and canada and even my grandparents are in FL. it is hard at times, but it is always nice to go visit!!

  17. Love the bubble pics! :) Glad you had a good time with your brother-in-law.

    The goodies look great!!!