Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kale Chips and Some Awards

I have been meaning to make kale chips for quite some time now, and yesterday I finally made some for the first time with the baby kale I received in my first CSA delivery. I simply seasoned the kale with salt, pepper, & some oil and then baked it at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes.

Not all the kale pieces were crispy, but I was afraid I would burn the kale. Next time I’ll definitely bake it a bit longer though…

Nevertheless, the toddler LOVED the chips (and so did hubby and I). Kale chips will definitely make a frequent appearance in our house…

Several weeks ago, Nicole at Prevention RD passed on two awards to me. I read Nicole’s blog every day and really enjoy the nutrition info she passes on to her readers. Plus, she shares awesome recipes. Thank you for the awards, Nicole!

Award_People love this site like (Nicole)

happy 101 (Nicole)

I am supposed to share 10 things that make me happy with you:
  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Doing “nothing”
  4. Reading a book for pleasure
  5. Walking on the beach
  6. Fresh, homegrown tomatoes – can’t wait for tomato season!!!
  7. My indoor basil plant
  8. Cheese – just a tiny bit at a time as too much makes my gallstones very unhappy
  9. Playing like a kid
  10. The color pink

Thanks again, Nicole! Also, Nicole is currently putting together a cookbook. Send her a recipe by January 1, and she’ll include it in the cookbook and provide you with an electronic copy of the cookbook.

Question: What makes you happy?

Be well,


  1. I am so happy you tried and love kale chips. Markets all around america are scratching their heads as to why Kale is being sold in big bunches all of a sudden! I buy 3 batches a week. haha

    Kale...not just for garnish anymore!

    Congrats on your award. My list could be identical to yours...but I would add some time in the mountains...WAY good for charging my batteries and a good deep belly laugh.

  2. Anonymous12/27/2009

    Andrea, I love your blog, too. There are few I MUST read daily, and yours is definitely one of them.

    I have read a lot about kale chips in blogland lately, I am planning to make them soon!

    Looks like your Christmas was wonderful, your family is so photogenic : )

    P.S. I did get your salad recipe -- thanks for giving a heads up to your readers, too!

  3. Kale chips sound really interesting! I must try them too.

  4. Ooo..I've never had kale chips before. That's really interesting. I must give this one a try. If the toddler likes it, then I'm sure to like it too. What makes me happy spending time with loved ones always makes me happy and seeing faces I haven't seen in such a long time.

    ps. Congrats on the awards.


    There's also a backlink in that post to my other recipe for kale chips.
    The coating I make is awesome. Nutritional yeast (nooch) gives it a cheesy flavor and with the cashews and red pepper ground up...girl, you must must try it. Mama Pea made my recipe in her oven and posted about it and it turned out so although a dehyd is nice, ovens work :) Door ajar, keep it at 200F or lower (I dehyd my food at like 145F, not 105F...I dont have 14 hrs!) and you'll be set. Or if you wanna rush job, 300F.

    Sorry if you've got this all figured out, just ignore and go crunch your awesome kale chips. I ADORE them and so does Skylar who's not quite 3. She begs me for kale. Yes. True :)

  6. I eat Kale all the time but have never tried kale chips. I think I will make these tomorrow.

  7. I have been wanting to try kale chips for months! I need to make these very soon.

  8. It makes me happy to spend time with my family, have time to exercise, and read in a quiet room!

  9. kale chips are SOOOO good! in fact, its been a couple weeks since i have had them, and suddenly i have a craving!

    happy holidays dear andrea - that last photo collage you posted of the lil' punkin was too dang cute!

    what makes me happy? travel. that is the one true love of my life - i am sure of it :)

  10. You know what? Kale chips make me happy. Seriously. I love them. Those look yummy!

    Other things that make me happy? New clothes! I just got some, so I'm pretty happy about it.

  11. I love Kale Chips. I also add a little bit of Parmesan cheese and after I take them out of the oven I drizzle a little bit of plain yogurt and it is very good.

    What makes me happy? right now it feels like a good night of sleep :)

  12. I love doing nothing, too :) It's an art, if you ask me!
    I just can't get into kale chips. I've made them twice and was disappointed both times. I think I need to get over the expectation of them tasting like potato chips! ;)
    Hope you had a nice holiday!

  13. I'm not even sure I can get Kale here but I can guarantee you I'm going to look for it. Looks like the toddler had a lovely Christmas. :)

  14. Congrats on the awards! I just heard about the kale chips for the first time this week - they sound like a great idea!

  15. mm, kale chips!! I can't believe it but I've never made them. I should, I would love them.

    Congrats on the award! I agree, doing "nothing" is one of the best things to do.

  16. Anonymous12/28/2009

    Mmm, kale chips are the yummiest!

    I love your list of "happy." Hope you had a very happy holiday!


  17. kale chips are the best! I dont know if you got the curly variety, but that is the best kind to get! so glad that your son liked them too :)

    your list of happy is great, esp the indoor basil plant :)

  18. I love to use purple kale for my chips! It's my favourite colour and looks so pretty...

  19. I don't think I have ever had kale. I'll have to try them...

  20. Anonymous12/28/2009

    I keep seeing recipes for these pop up all over the place. I'm going to have to try them. :)

  21. It's interesting how "doing nothing'' ranks so high for all of us. But I think the older we get, the more we realize it's actually A-OK to just do NOTHING without feeling guilty about it. Here's wishing everyone a little more time to do nothing in 2010. We all deserve the break, I'm sure. ;)