Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A New Recipe & Weekly Meals

Last week, I made another new recipe: Chickpea Stew with Dill from the Chickenless Kitchen blog. The stew was delicious, and since it is easy to make, I'm sure it's going to make a regular appearance in my kitchen. I think it's also a recipe that you can play with and don't have to follow exactly. What made the stew especially good was the dill and the lemon juice. I was not very lucky this year with my little herb garden as nothing grew except for the rosemary and the thyme, which have been there for a few years. Since I don't like to buy herbs that I "should" be able to grow myself, we haven't had dill in a long time. But I broke down and bought some dill. And I used lots of it in the recipe. We all loved it.

Basically, I started by sauteing four carrots, four large cloves of garlic, & a few celery stalks and then added a little less than half a teaspoon cumin and lots of dill. Then I added the chickpeas (I used a shortcut and used two cans of organic garbanzo beans, drained & rinsed) & crushed tomatoes (I used a whole container of Pomi - great suggestion by Chickenless Kitchen!), juice of one lemon, and about a cup of vegetable stock. I seasoned the stew with a bit of salt and pepper. After everything simmered for about 20 minutes, I had a lovely, flavorful stew. I think you could also add onions and sweet potatoes as well as other veggies. Or maybe even some organic chicken!?!

I served the stew over some brown rice.

Okay, and now on to this week's meals:

Tuesday: Salmon Cakes on a bed of spinach salad

Wednesday: Chocolate Covered Katie's Favorite Fall Curry

Thursday: Veggie Burgers on whole grain buns with avocado, tomatoes & lettuce

Friday: Carrot Ginger Soup with homemade garlic & rosemary croutons

Questions: Do you like beans? What are your favorite beans? And those of you who are participating in the November Flossing Challenge, you are still flossing, aren't you?

Be well,


  1. I love cannelli beans and chick peas! This stew looks great!

  2. I like all types of beans. Some of my favorites are black beans and white beans. That stew seems really easy to make and looks delicious!

  3. Still flossing!! YEAH!! My gums aren't swollen every morning anymore either, which is a good sign :)

    I love beans, but my IBS hates beans. I make beans for Nick all the time, while I long to include them in my diet. I buy pinto beans, black beans, and white beans, all for him :( They are so healthy, so I want to make sure at least one of us gets them!

  4. I love beans. I love broad beans, red beans, lentils, black beans ... ooh the list is endless.

  5. that stew looks so good and hearty. I like big chunks of veggies.

    LOVE beans! kidney, pinto, black...all of 'em.

  6. I love beans. My favourite have always been chickpeas...are they even beans, I wonder???

  7. I love beans, I think any bean I will eat. I even eat lima beans. But I do like black beans since I like a lot of Mexican food.

  8. that stew looks very filling! and easy on the budget too!

    I like a lot of beans, I don't think I could pick.

    ya...still flossing!

  9. I love beans. I make a really tasty quick chick pea curry that is a staple in our house in the winter time. I can eat black beans with just about anything and sometimes eat them as a side dish instead of rice or pasta or whatever. I love the texture of kidney beans and use red and white to make vegetarian chili. Navy beans make really delicious bean dips.

    Yup, loooove beans!

  10. I've never had chickpeas. (I find myself saying "I've never..." a lot in your blog!) But that stew looks so yummy!

    I love beans, just about any type. Although I don't know enough bean recipes, I must admit.

  11. I LOVE beans--black beans being my fave! Your stew looks awesome, as does your entire menu:)

    One bean I found that I DON'T like, is fava beans!

  12. That dish looks sooo good!

    I love pinto beans and black beans best, but I am yet to find a bean I don't like...in moderation. They don't always like me back.

    I'm slacking on flossing :( Tonight!!

  13. I love all beans! The soup looks really hearty, healthy and delicious.

  14. I love beans too! I just started doing the beans myself rather than buying them canned. (I know I'm behind the times!) I'm amazed how easy it is, and then I can control the sodium, etc.

    Great recipes!!

  15. There's a flossing challenge? Oh my! ;)
    My weapon of choice would be mint-flavored, for sensitive gums.

  16. chic peas are my fave, but i'm begininning to love buttery lima ones too

  17. I'm fairly sure beans is middle name. OK maybe it's not but I'm seriously considering changing it. Alison Beans Weeds. Has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?

    Garbonzos and black beans stole my heart! Your stew looks great, something I would devour before the judge could sign the papers for my middle name change!

  18. Anonymous11/18/2009

    I like beans: chickpeas, red beans, aduki beans. I like to make chili with it during winter... nutritious and delicious!

  19. I'll definitely make the chickpea stew! It looks & sounds amazing.