Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Excitement in the Kitchen: Veggie Burgers

Last week was exciting as I tried all new recipes. I tried to follow the recipes pretty closely, but (as always) I ended up changing a few things. However, all the meals turned out great!

First, I made veggie burgers. Hubby was not too excited when I announced that I’d make homemade veggie burgers. I think he remembered some horribly mushy “veggie burgers” I tried to make some time ago out of leftover rice and all sorts of other leftover veggies I had found in the fridge. Let’s just say they weren’t my finest creation.

However, Alison’s recipe was awesome, and I followed it pretty much. I didn’t have sunflower seeds, but I’ll make sure to add some next time. I also didn’t use a food processor as I only have a mini food processor. So I did what Alison suggested and got a nice arm workout! I think my right arm may forever be larger than my left… :o) Just kidding; it actually wasn’t that hard!

Here are the main ingredients for the veggie burgers (minus the fake pumpkin). Also, not pictured are the 3 cloves of garlic I used:

Veggie Burgers 01

I started by cooking one cup of quinoa in 2 cups of water for about 15 minutes. I have to admit that I didn’t measure very well, so there may have been a bit too much water…

In the meantime, I smashed up the cannellini beans and worked in three-fourth of a cup of ground flaxseed. Once the quinoa was done, I added it and worked the mixture some more (and my right arm). I used a fork as well as my potato smasher… I don’t think my mixture got as smooth as Alison’s in the food processor, but it worked just fine…

Veggie Burgers 02

And here are the burgers right after I put them into the pan.

Veggie Burgers 03

After cooking them on each side for about 5-8 minutes, I put mine on top of some lettuce, tomatoes, & avocado.

Veggie Burgers 04

And I put hubby’s and the teenager’s on buns with avocado, tomato, & lettuce. They also added ketchup and mustard to their burgers.

Veggie Burgers 05

These are definitely going to be a staple in our house!

I have another meal from last week to share with you later. And I will also come up with a simple meal plan as our week is going to be very busy.

Question: What do you like to put on your (veggie) burger? I think I have asked this question before, but it's fun... I love to add good, crumbled blue cheese (on special occasions).

Be well,