Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun at the Farmers’ Market

It’s sometimes easy to forget how lucky we are in California to have access to year-round Farmers’ Markets and that the growing season is so much longer than in other parts of the country. For example, I just took the very last tomatoes off our plants the other day…

We go to several Farmers’ Markets most weeks, but I haven’t taken any pictures in a long time as chasing after a very excited toddler and taking pictures at the same time just isn’t really an option…

So over the weekend, I dug out an old friend in the back of the trunk: a stroller. At first the toddler was almost in disbelief; I think he was in fact too shocked to say his usual "no way"when I put him in...

November Farmers Market 17

But once I got him a pretzel he was much happier… And since he ate almost an entire pretzel by himself, I was able to take some pictures without too many interruptions…

November Farmers Market 12

The variety and quality of the produce is truly amazing, especially considering that it’s November!

November Farmers Market 11

November Farmers Market 02

November Farmers Market 05

November Farmers Market 07

November Farmers Market 08

November Farmers Marekt 08

November Farmers Market 10

November Farmers Market 09

November Farmers Market 04

November Farmers Market 03

And here is what we got:

November Farmers Market 13

  • Kabocha
  • Pomegranate
  • Lemons
  • Grapes
  • Tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Peppers
  • Radish

I see some fresh salsa in our near future!

November Farmers Market 16

And I also got some “splurge” items:

November Farmers Marekt 15

November Farmers Market 14

November Farmers Market 15

In addition, we also got some organic whole grain bread, some pretzels, and some marinated tofu.

I truly enjoy shopping at Farmers’ Markets and getting to know the farmers and vendors. It makes me feel connected to the food we eat, and I feel truly fortunate that we live in an area where we get to shop at a Farmers’ Market all year long.

Questions: What was your last fun food shopping experience? What was the last interesting/new (to you)/amazing food item that you’ve bought?

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  1. wow - what great produce!

    I really wanted a kabocha this week, but no stores had it!

  2. Wow! All that produce IS amazing! It has been pretty warm here in Va. considering it's Nov. but we have also had enough really cold days that the produce at the Market is pretty much done. I didn't gt to the Market as much this year as I would have liked--it's an hour away from where I live.

  3. Oh my gosh, the look on your son's face is CLASSIC! HE is like, "mom, what the heck? How much longer do I have to use one of these?!" It's too precious. Glad the pretzel helped :)

    I'm so jealous of California's farmer's markets. My last great food shopping experience was Trader Joe's this weekend, which is as close to a farmer's market as I get around here. I'm sure there are farmer's markets, but Trader Joe's really does it for me!

  4. Always love the toddler photos!

    That produce is beautiful. Great shots, Andrea!

    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Oh fun fun! I have to say my most fun food experiences are going to the Farmer's market with my dad. He loves making new "concotions" and he truly enjoys the experience.

  6. I'm so jealous of the year-round farmers markets!! We have one, once per week, May - August.

    Besides, we don't have near as much "fun" produce... it's just the basics here, peppers (lots of Chile Peppers) tomatoes, etc.

  7. WOW you are quite lucky! here in Boston I have to soak it up during the warm months and I am so sad to see the farmers markets go at the end of october! thank you for letting us come with you :)

  8. WOW! Your photos are making me really miss the market.

    I'd love to hear how that raw cheese is....

  9. Looks like a great famers market. I loved the one I went to in San Deigo (OB I think) since they had so many street vendors with ethnic foods too. My last food adventure was at home at Trader Joe's since I hadn't been in so long.

  10. The last food shopping trip I had that was really fun was at Organza in Winnipeg. They had so many organic and vegetarian products that I cannot get in my little town.

    That market looks so amazing. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it. Peanuts? And all those lovely tomatos in November? You are very fortunate indeed. Can't wait to see a pic of that salsa!

  11. I love the farmer's market. I feel like a kid in a candy store whenever I go. lol.

  12. Anonymous11/16/2009

    i love visiting farm markets!
    just so jealous that you can go there anytime year round!
    sometimes, though u might not be buying anything, but visiting for an hour or so just lightens my day!

  13. Anonymous11/16/2009

    love all the produce pictures! so fresh! :D
    I haven't gone to a farmer market for a while.. so just normal groceries shopping. nothing specially fun!

  14. YUM! I love all the beautiful colors at the farmers market - great photos!

  15. Our farmers' markets are getting better all the time, but I'm still so jealous of your California markets! Looks like fun.

  16. I'm so jealous of the California farmers' markets!! Great pictures. I have a fun grocery shopping experience every time I go to Whole Foods... I wish we had a Trader Joe's!

  17. Anonymous11/16/2009

    How nice! Beautiful pictures! Our farmers' markets are now closed till May :( But at least I have Wegmans five minutes from my house and always find something different there. Our latest find - chocolate & cherry brioche.

  18. One thing I bought recently were some fabulous red potatoes. I know they aren't exotic but they were so flavorful!

    Love those beautiful pictures!

  19. I could spend all day at a farmers market. I haven't had any fun shopping trips lately and I really haven't bought anything exotic or special either. I need to change that.

  20. Anonymous11/16/2009

    Whoa you Californians are totally lucky! Persimmons, raw-grass-fed cheese (the best kind in my opinion!), and amazing bountiful produce! So jealous.

    Hehe, the toddler does look a bit stunned! His pretzel looks pretty yummy though :)

    Last time I went shopping for fun has been way too long. Some time during the summer! Oh, how much I miss the warmer season...

  21. My last one was one you already read about -- foraging for porky goodness at the Ferry Building. It's good that I don't live too close to that place or else I'd go broke buying everything -- from the lard caramels to the grass-fed beef.

  22. Beautiful pics! Makes me miss the markets back in CA :)

  23. At first i saw the toddlers face and couldn't figure out his expression then i started reading and started laughing. Our farmers markets are nothing like that. That is amazing. I need to put my stroller in the back of my car and get out. Thanks for all the beautiful photos.

  24. Haha. Classic expression on the toddler's face...