Thursday, November 5, 2009

Simple Pleasures

We can never have enough simple pleasures in our lives. And there is no one who reminds me of this better than the toddler. Here are some of the toddler’s recent simple pleasures:

Carrying his pillow around in the middle of the day

Simple Pleasures 01

Laying down on his pillow in the middle of the living room when he feels like it

Simple Pleasures 02

Chasing after bubbles

Simple Pleasures 03

Asking for and getting a magician’s hat after refusing to wear his pumpkin costume on Halloween

Simple Pleasures 04

Simple Pleasures 05

Life is good! What are some of your recent simple pleasures? Let's inspire each other to enjoy the simple things in life a bit more!

Be well,


P.S.: You didn’t forget to floss, did you?


  1. Cute pics! Whenever I look at pictures of my nephews, it always brightens my day. A simple pleasure I enjoy daily is sipping on a mug of hot green tea!

  2. Well, as a knitter, I have to say how much I love the sweater in the pillow pictures.
    Lying in a comfortable bed with quilts and a cool pillowcase!
    Opening a new book.
    Comfort food...beans and cornbread for supper tonight!

  3. Love the last pic of the toddler! So cute! I love when our puppy snuggles in bed in between my husband at night. It doesn't allow for a great night sleep but she is so cuddley!

  4. OMG my life is all about this! it's what REALLY matters at the end of a long day. It's what you'll remember...not the ick...5 years from now...that belly laugh.

    It's just the playing with our toddlers, quiet moments with our Hubs and joking around with my Teen that gets me thru the day.

    well, and a good meal!

    I love a good cup of tea
    a good feel good song on the radio that you can sing too...LOUDLY
    a bite of some rich chcolotate thing
    a good whiff of a gardenia that just bloomed
    JJ squeals

    that kind of thing!
    LOVE your post today and I love the Toddlers last pic.."i gotta haaaat...I gottta haaaat:

    he's so happy!

  5. He is so kissable!!!

    My recent simple pleasure is dinner with the family. I love sitting together, looking around the table at my daughters, listening to them talk about their day and hearing them laugh. Sometimes, my husband and I will just look at each other during it and nod like "this is the life" :)

  6. So cute.
    Last night Nick was home for most of the night, which was nice, and he'll be home all night tonight! For me, that is a simple pleasure, just having him here to talk to, I love it!

  7. Too cute. I went on a long walk yesterday with my 4 year son and we had the best conversation - it was perfect.

  8. He is so cute!

    Lately, my bed at night (especially nights like last night where I spend 11 hours in bed...WHEN was the last time that happened? It's been YEARS!). I also am enjoying my sugar-free hot cocoa at work! mmm!

  9. Cute photos! My simple pleasure lately is watching my son play hockey. I just love to see him on the ice. I just wish that my daughter's dance studio was "open" so I could watch her dance each week, too...

  10. Cutie Patootie!!

    Let's see for me it was learning that my second godchild was born. A healthy baby girl.

  11. One of my simple pleasures is just hanging out with my kids. No television, no interruptions - just conversation.

  12. Adorable pictures! Simple pleasures for me include anything personalized that I get in my mailbox and a walk on a beautiful day! :)

  13. Anonymous11/05/2009

    oh goodness your toddler is adorable :)
    sounds like you enjoyed your time with him!

  14. Getting into a warm car on a cold winter day
    My morning cup of coffee
    A good night's sleep
    Sunday morning

  15. My simple pleasure is spending Sunday morning, lounging on the couch with a cup of good coffee and the Sunday NY Times to read. Getting lost in that paper for a relaxing few hours is a habit I treasure.

  16. Man we love our kids huh?

    and learn from them.
    always the learning.

  17. Is he your little one? So adorable! Mine already grown up. Yeah, they're all the same when they've their little pillows on hand.