Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet Temptations

I have mentioned before that our gym is next to a cupcake store. I think the store opened about a year ago, and I can honestly say that I can count the times we have bought cupcakes on one hand.

I have realized a long time ago that working out is not a reason to eat “treats,” and that it is in fact quite counterproductive… That is not to say that it is never okay to eat sweets or other “treats.” But I think that treats should truly be reserved for special occasions, and you should plan your meals accordingly. In other words, if I know I’ll have some cake that day, I won’t splurge in the late morning by putting some pumpkin butter and chocolate chips in my oatmeal… :o)

The other day I thought that the toddler may enjoy a cupcake again, but I didn’t say anything. That day when we left the gym the toddler said “cake” and walked straight into the cupcake store. It was amazing as he had never done this before. He looked at all the cupcakes and decided on the lemon flavored one. He truly enjoyed his cupcake, and hubby and I had a few bites too. It was perfect. I was secretly worried that the toddler would now expect a cupcake every time we go to the gym. But he hasn’t asked for one since. I guess he realized that it is a special treat (I hope).

Lemon Cupcake 01

Lemon Cupcake 02

Lemon Cupcake 03

Lemon Cupcake 04

Lemon Cupcake 05

Questions: How do you “manage” all the food temptations in your life? Do you plan for treats? Share your strategies with us!

Be well,