Friday, October 30, 2009

Do You Love Your Workouts?

I have written this before, but I'm really fascinated by how effortlessly the toddler gets tons of exercise into his day. In fact, there is seldom a minute he sits still. He never thinks of it as exercise but as having fun. Here are some recent examples:

Climbing (there isn’t another photo of him actually climbing up as I got a bit nervous and came to his “rescue;” yes, maybe I am a bit overprotective…)

Exercise 01

Hanging and swinging – by far his favorite activity

Exercise 02

Exercise 05

Exercise 06

Exercise 07

Dancing – here he is jumping around because he was so excited about getting some rubber balls out of a ball machine. And then he we spent hours chasing after them…

Exercise 03

Observing the toddler made me think that there is really no reason for us not to enjoy our workouts just as much as the toddler enjoys his “workouts.”

I think the first step is to find activities we truly enjoy. There are so many forms of exercise: running, swimming, cycling, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, hiking, rowing, weightlifting, rock climbing… The list is endless. So why do we so often get “stuck” doing something we don’t truly enjoy? I think it’s about time that we all enjoy our workouts. I for one will go hiking this weekend, no matter what!

Questions: Do you enjoy your workouts? If not, what can you do to make them more fun and less "work"? Do you have any exciting Halloween plans?

Have a fun, active weekend!

Be well,