Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Night Out

Well, hubby and I have been able to enjoy about two dates per month for the past two months. It's been wonderful.

The other night, we explored a new restaurant (new to us). It's a hip Chinese restaurant, and it's quite the happening place late at night (so I have been told). Hubby and I went quite early, so we didn't really get to see the "in crowd." But we had a very pleasant early dinner.

I loved the simple, modern place settings.

I got to sit on the cushioned bench; It was very comfortable.

Hubby got a beer, and I got the unsweetened Passion Fruit Iced Tea. It was soooo good!

As an appetizer, we shared the Chinese Chicken Salad with Asian Pear, Avocado, & Peanut Hoisin Dressing. It was light and very tasty.

We also ordered the Wild Mushroom Garlic Noodles. The mushrooms were tiny, so you can't really see them in the picture. The dish was very good.

We also got Spicy Eggplant. Hubby is usually not a big fan of eggplant, but he loved this dish as the eggplant wasn't "mushy" (his words)...

Finally, we shared a small bowl (1 serving) of brown rice. It was more than enough rice for two...

Our waitress wanted us to order another dish, but we said that we thought what we had ordered was enough. And we were right. In fact, we weren't able to finish everything. I think a few years ago, we would have ordered at least one more dish, and we would have probably finished it all. We would have left uncomfortably stuffed and with less money...

Question: Do you find that how much you order in a restaurant has changed over the years?

Be well,