Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Old Friends

Hubby and the teenager have really missed an old friend of theirs: pizza. Hubby used to work late every night except for Wednesdays, and every Wednesday we used to have (take-out) pizza night. The other week nights, we ate dinner without hubby, and he ate the leftovers from the night before at work.

Well, many months ago, we stopped pizza night because I didn't think that take-out pizza was really the healthiest choice... Well, since it was the teenager's birthday week last week, we got pizza for lunch one day. I really was not in the mood for pizza, so I didn't have any. Hubby and the teenager loved their pizza. But guess who loved it most and ate an entire slice all by himself? The toddler. Here are some pictures of the toddler's pizza adventures:

I guess the grin means he likes it... :o)
What's in that pizza to elicit such a reaction???Can we get some pizza again tomorrow? Well, no. Sorry...
Old friend Number Two: Flax Seeds

I grew up eating whole flax seeds in my plain yogurt every morning. I loved my flax seeds, and whenever I am home, that's what I eat and it reminds me of my childhood. I have meant to buy some flax seeds for a long time, but for some reason I always forgot. But the other day I bought some organic ground flax seeds (I think you are supposed to grind them versus eating them whole, which I used to do growing up...). And I have been eating them in plain Oikos Organic Yogurt - soooo good. I actually prefer the whole seeds over the ground ones... Oh well...

I also used to bake a whole grain bread with lots of flax seeds, but I haven't made it in ages and have no idea if I can dig up the recipe... I have found a flax seed bread at Whole Foods that's pretty good (but nothing compared to the one I used to make). I really have to find that recipe!

Question: Do you like/eat flax seeds? If so, with what do you eat them?

Be well,