Monday, July 27, 2009

Some Fun Shopping & Weekly Meals (July 28 - July 31)

While were were on our date on Saturday, hubby and I also did a little shopping. I got some new workout pants, and we went to Sur La Table, and they had a great sale. So we got some new place mats (they were 40% off). They remind me of French table linens and therefore of my time in Southern France the summer I turned 18. Yes, that's the age the teenager is now! I wonder how worried my parents were??? I studied French at a Language School and stayed with a host family, but it surely wasn't the safest place.... I guess it's sometimes best if parents don't know everything...

Anyway, here are the place mats. The yellow lemons make me happy! :o)

And today we did some "luxury" shopping at the Farmers' Market:

Organic African Volcanic Mountain Coffee
Yummy Olive Oil
The olive oil is sooo good. If you look closely, you'll see that there is already some missing in the bottle. That's because we already had some with the walnut wheat baguette we also got at the Farmers' Market... The olive oil stand had all kinds of great infused olive oils, but I got the plain one because I thought it was most versatile. They had also an awesome selection of balsamic vinegars...

Okay, on to this week's meals. At this point, I have decided to add some meat & chicken back into my diet, but only organic meat and chicken and only occasionally.

Tuesday: Wild salmon with lemon/dill sauce, brown rice & cucumber/tomato salad. Our tomatoes are finally ripe!!!! Home-grown tomatoes are definitely THE BEST part of summer!

Wednesday: Brown rice pasta with almond butter sauce. I'll use the ingredients I usually use to make a peanut sauce (Trader Joe's Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds & water), but I'll use raw almond butter instead of peanut butter. I'll experiment a bit to get the consistency right. I don't do very well with peanuts and peanut butter (not unusual when you have gallstones; nuts have a lot of fat), but for some reason I do fine with small amounts of almond butter. I'll shred carrots & cucumbers and toss them with the noodles.

Thursday: Vegetable & organic chicken curry with brown rice.

Friday: Mozzarella with tomatoes & basil; lentil salad with tomatoes & parsley.

Questions: Do you have any fun shopping to report? What meals do you have planned for this week?

Be well,


  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog and I really enjoy it! I love how you plan your weekly meals - so smart! I must start doing that.

  2. I did tons of fun produce shopping and also some new plant shopping (but you know already LOL)

    I still have dirt under my nails I am trying to deal worth it!
    I so love your cheery lemon place mats!

    and NO, dang it... I meant to plan a meal list this week... should do that today! it's settled...I think I should!

    looks like you had such a great weekend!

  3. Anonymous7/27/2009

    If I ever went back to eating meat, it would be organic meats only for sure. I think that's a wise choice.

    Great finds! I've never really tried an olive oil other than one I usually find at the grocery store... makes me think OO is sort of like wine! They aren't all the same.

  4. Cute placemats!! I've GOT to get some "good" olive oil - I just buy the stuff at Kroger - surely there's better, right?! Your meals sound YUM! I haven't made my meal plan yet. I know. Eek! I just found that the last 2 weeks i haven't stuck to it so i may wing it this week. Famous last words i'm sure!

  5. Anonymous7/27/2009

    Love the placemats! I lived in France too (from 18-20). I would love to try some infused olive oil esp. since I have been using it for salad dressing a lot lately. I bought some portobello mushrooms and plan to use them this week!

  6. Wow, can I be invited over for dinner please? haha. I don't do much meal planning because most of the time I am eating alone (Nick works late). I also tend to make a lot of similar foods, such as egg omelets, salads, and stir-frys. These foods are all able to be modified in different ways so I can have a new meal each day! When I have kids and a family I will do more meal planning, for sure.

  7. mmmm good olive oil really does make a difference doesn't it? unfortunately i haven't splurged on any in a while...

  8. Anonymous7/27/2009

    Great meal ideas!!

    And, love the coffee and olive oil...great finds!!

    Have a good week!

  9. Anonymous7/27/2009

    Oh wow, Sur La Table! I always see their stuff in magazines but have never been to the actual sstore.

    Your meals look excellent! The only thing I know for sure I'm trying this week is a green monster.

  10. Not too many meals planned out since we are packing up the apartment and moving by the weekend. Wednesday's almond butter sauce sounds amazing though.

  11. Anonymous7/27/2009

    Pretty place mats! And Sur La Table is my heaven! I love shopping around that place, though I usually come out empty-handed because of the price.
    almond butter sauce? Wow!