Friday, July 24, 2009

Sushi Lunch & Healthy Balance While On Vacation

I have been craving sushi for a while now, so we got some toddler-friendly take-out sushi (except for the VERY spicy tuna rolls) for lunch yesterday. It was delicious...

The toddler couldn't get enough of the Inari
It's funny how even a mini vacation leaves you with lots of things to take care of once you get back... Yesterday was filled with laundry, putting things away, grocery shopping, sorting mail - all the fun stuff.

One thing that was nice about our little getaway was the fact that we ate healthy food and got plenty of exercise. We actually planned all of our meals, including snacks and drinks, before we left (Hubby wrote out the most comprehensive meal plan EVER!). We took most of our food & drinks (we had to make sure we had good wine!) with us but also made a trip to the grocery store in Tahoe to get milk, yogurt & fresh fruit. It was really nice to eat healthy meals while on vacation; I felt sooo much better than I had in the past when we ate out for every meal, and I didn't make good choices...

We got plenty of exercise by walking everywhere. We walked at least 1 1/2 hours each day. Hubby and I both agreed that because of the good food and the exercise we felt great. Making healthy choices really pays off! That said, we had some wine every day, went out for Mexican food, and we also got some Coldstone Creamery ice cream... :o) It's all about balance...

Questions: Do you take your own food and/or snacks on vacation? What's your favorite food item to take on vacation?

Be well,


  1. Oh yes, I love packing healthy foods/snacks for vacations. Of course, at the airport on the way to Florida I realized that I was an idiot and had put a full container of White Chocolate Wonderful in my carry-on, which was confiscated :( I usually pack about 3 or four fresh fruits (since any more than that won't last), lots of bars (Cliff, Larabars, etc) and sometimes I even pack packets of tuna! I like to pack healthy snacks to save money, and to make sure I am getting at least SOME healthy foods in on my vacations :)

  2. Anonymous7/24/2009

    Hey babe-

    I always try to pack some snacks when I go away! My favorite are nuts (almonds, sunflower seeds) because they are easy to travel with and filling! I

  3. Funny, I've been craving sushi, too!

    Sounds like a great time with great food!!

    We always pack food for vacation at the shore - lots of fruits and veggies and we mainly take sammies/wraps for our lunches at the beach. You're right, it does feel so good to eat well on vacation - I hate that sluggy feeling when I'm not eating healthy foods!

  4. sushi cravings are the absolute BEST :D

  5. Anonymous7/24/2009

    I always "forget" about all the work that has to be done after we get back from any sort of weekend away. Takes me forever to recover!

    We definitely take food with us on vacation. I almost always make hummus! It's easy to eat with crackers and cut up veggies (that are also easy to pack) and it's a source of protein, fiber, doesn't spill (easily) and can be prepared so many different ways.

  6. Yes, I definitely take my own food... just because I am so picky. I love taking rice cakes, fruit, yogurt, carrots, and crystal light. I usually pack a cooler if it is a long trip.

    Great job on eating healthy and exercising while on vacation. Most people can't say they did this and use it as an excuse to eat more and be lazy!

  7. I sadly SADLY haven't BEEN on a vaca for too many years, HOWEVER I am positive at least I would sneak in my magic bullet so I could still make green smoothies and keep at least that going.

    it's a hurdle for the future for sure!

  8. oooh that sushi looks YUM! We started taking our own food with us at Thanksgiving last year and I LOVE IT! I made a meal plan (snacks included) and packed everything all weighed out and ready to go in packets. For 'weekend trips' like to the lake - I make all of the meals (including sandwiches, snacks, etc.) and we just heat and eat and feel great. (who wants to eat a bunch of random meat in a loft with 10 couples... um, not me).

  9. mmm...i love inari too! as you can see from my vegas post, i love bringing my own snacks and breakfast if i can to save some $$$

  10. With 7 kids, and maintaining a large weight loss for a long time, I definitely take food with us! It's better for us economically, and for our health!

    I still can't sushi, but I like to see the pictures!