Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Fun and Weekly Meals and Workouts

We had a nice weekend despite some car troubles, which luckily got fixed rather quickly and didn’t hurt the wallet too much. Thanks hubby for taking care of it!

There was quite a bit of walking, some hiking, and exploring Boogie on the Bayou.

Now on to our weekly meals:
Meal 1: Grilled salmon with grilled veggies.
Meal 2: Fake baked potatoes with extra black beans and a salad.
Meal 3: Chicken enchiladas.
Meal 4: Eating out.
Meal 5: Eating out.

We usually don’t eat out during the week, and eating out can be trouble, well at least it was for me at one point in my life... Here are some of my eating out “rules:”
  1. If possible, research the restaurant online and come up with a plan before you go.
  2. Don’t be starving. Eat a snack before you go out.
  3. General, healthy eating guidelines still apply. Eating out is NOT an excuse to eat “whatever.” A few years ago my “special occasions” attitude got me in a LOT of trouble.
  4. Only have bread if you really want it and account for it.
  5. Carefully choose your meal and make sure you include enough veggies and salad without fatty dressings and sauces.
  6. Be mindful while you are eating so that you won’t overeat.
  7. If you have some wine or beer stop at one glass.
  8. If you choose to get dessert, split it with several people. Decide after the first bite whether it’s truly worth it to eat more. Often it really isn’t…
  9. Focus on the company and make having a great time with friends the focus of your evening, not the food.
And here are the workouts I have planned for this week:

Monday: Full body weight workout.
Tuesday: Cardio intervals and yoga.
Wednesday: Barre-type workout.
Thursday: Full body weight workout.
Friday: Hike.

Questions: What are your eating out “rules?” What was the highlight of your weekend?

Be well,


  1. Wow! that is surely a "fantabulous" weekend...
    lots of food...

  2. What a great weekend! We have enchiladas on the menu this week, too. Hope your week is awesome! xoxo

  3. Anonymous5/23/2011

    Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. a cool picture collage!

  4. I'm glad you had a nice weekend, Andrea. This sounds like a fun community event! I love events like this, with music, outdoors, and good food.

    Great rules for eating out. I especially like number two, don't be starving! And, splitting desserts is smart too. I have trouble sticking with one beer sometimes..I won't lie. We rarely go out to dinner so when we do, I want two beers! Then, I don't get dessert or eat any chips/bread.

  5. Anonymous5/23/2011

    What a fun weekend! I always love reading your weekend recaps :)

    Your rules for eating out are pretty much identical to mine. We eat out a couple of times a week, so I have to be mindful too and not use it as an excuse to over indulge.

    The highlight of my weekend was finally purchasing outdoor furniture for our patio!

  6. I really struggle with eating out, so we don't go often.

    BUT I do try and know ahead of time what I think I need to be eating, and leave the no holds barred mentality for rare special occassions.

    love your workout plan this week!

  7. What a nice weekend! Don't you just love car troubles. Glad it wasn't anything too major.
    Love your tips! I've been really trying to watch what I eat on weekends since I have been overdoing it a bit.

  8. Hi Andrea, fun photos as always! Glad the car trouble wasn't major. Have a great week ahead! Sure seems like you've planned well! Have a good Tuesday.

  9. you guys always have such fun things to do on the weekends!

  10. Eating out is by far my downfall. I should really limit it to once a week and follow all the rules you hard to do, though!

    Glad the car is fixed!!

  11. I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend, Andrea! I just love the picture of the jumping toddler! Your guidelines for eating out are spot on, and I use many of them myself, including eating a small snack with protein before eating out (especially if I know it's going to be an indulgence!) and choosing my indulgences rather than indulging in everything (that includes having a plan BEFORE I go out to eat).

    Have a wonderful rest of your week, Andrea!! :)

  12. Anonymous5/24/2011

    Lovely family outing!

    My eating out rules depend on how often I've been eating out. At school, I eat out maybe two or three times a month. In that context, I will eat whatever I want, because it's a rare occurrence. Of course, what I want is to not feel like a disgusting glutton at the end of the meal, so I won't stuff my face anyway. At home I eat out a lot more, so I apply a lot more rules -- yours and mine are similar. Except I can't really use the "don't go in hungry" one. Hehe, hunger/lack of has never stopped me from eating. I have to tug my inner choke-chain and say "down girl, it's the fries or the bikini."

  13. Love music and food festivals! The hubby looks so relaxed! :)

    Great tips for eating out, Andrea! I usually try to have some type of plan for when I eat out. I generally go for fish or salads because I think they always taste better when a restaurant makes them!

  14. Limit alcohol (as can lower inhibitions). Order sides of veggies and eat first, watch portion and love your rule that eating out should still be healthy. Not all meals out are "special". Also enjoy the menu and workout plan for the week. Do you know fitchicknyc? she does a monday write your workouts post I love.

  15. Looks like you had a great weekend, looks like a lot of fun.

    I have no eating out rules except maybe that if I have a starter I'm not taking dessert. I always look at the desserts first so I can decide which I'm taking.

    Guess the highlight of my weekend was that I became 43 LOL

  16. Great tips! I always order salad dressing on the side. My mother and I adore french fries, so we'll split a grilled chicken burger (with condiments on the side) and fries. That way when we do enjoy a treat, we share the calories. Everyone is happy. :)

  17. Anonymous5/28/2011

    my eating out rules are:
    - order things that I can't make at home
    - try new things, be adventurous
    - enjoy the service
    - enjoy the conversation with whoever I'm dining with!
    as you see, these not are the healthiest rues but since i don't eat out everyday, usually only weekend, I like to make it an ocassion.