Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Fun and Weekly Meals and Workouts

We had a nice weekend despite some car troubles, which luckily got fixed rather quickly and didn’t hurt the wallet too much. Thanks hubby for taking care of it!

There was quite a bit of walking, some hiking, and exploring Boogie on the Bayou.

Now on to our weekly meals:
Meal 1: Grilled salmon with grilled veggies.
Meal 2: Fake baked potatoes with extra black beans and a salad.
Meal 3: Chicken enchiladas.
Meal 4: Eating out.
Meal 5: Eating out.

We usually don’t eat out during the week, and eating out can be trouble, well at least it was for me at one point in my life... Here are some of my eating out “rules:”
  1. If possible, research the restaurant online and come up with a plan before you go.
  2. Don’t be starving. Eat a snack before you go out.
  3. General, healthy eating guidelines still apply. Eating out is NOT an excuse to eat “whatever.” A few years ago my “special occasions” attitude got me in a LOT of trouble.
  4. Only have bread if you really want it and account for it.
  5. Carefully choose your meal and make sure you include enough veggies and salad without fatty dressings and sauces.
  6. Be mindful while you are eating so that you won’t overeat.
  7. If you have some wine or beer stop at one glass.
  8. If you choose to get dessert, split it with several people. Decide after the first bite whether it’s truly worth it to eat more. Often it really isn’t…
  9. Focus on the company and make having a great time with friends the focus of your evening, not the food.
And here are the workouts I have planned for this week:

Monday: Full body weight workout.
Tuesday: Cardio intervals and yoga.
Wednesday: Barre-type workout.
Thursday: Full body weight workout.
Friday: Hike.

Questions: What are your eating out “rules?” What was the highlight of your weekend?

Be well,