Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Frozen Treats

Even though the weather has been so-so lately, I have been enjoying a lot of frozen treats.

There have been lots of pumpkin pie banana soft serves made with frozen bananas, Greek yogurt, and pumpkin pie spice. The key is not to use too much of the pumpkin pie spice as a bit too much turns it from fabulous into not so good.

I have also been enjoying frozen banana slices right out of the freezer. They taste so sinfully creamy and rich. Another favorite is frozen grapes.

And I made hubby, the toddler, and Uncle Roy VERY happy when I picked up some Mangum Ice Cream bars for free with the coupon I received through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program. I had a little bite too, and they were very good.

Questions: What was your last frozen treat? What’s your favorite frozen treat? 

Be well,


  1. Magnum bars! Been there, tasted that, now on to forgetting they exist! lol Frozen grapes are my all time favorite frozen treats. They are like little individual sorbets. I enjoy anything slushy and during the summer, I frequently put orange juice and ice cubes in the blender and let it go! This is also good with a few frozen strawberries or bananas added as well.

  2. Andrea, your boy must be enjoying it so much. Lucky you! haha... I wish I can have some too. The weather is pretty warm over here. I just recovered from fever & bad flu actually. And I need a nice treat after this. Hope you're enjoying your day, dear.
    Blessings, Kristy

  3. I really love the banana soft serve with a little cocoa added and topped with fresh raspberries!

    The So Delicious mini chocolate frozen treats are also high on my list!

  4. I don't like frozen treats very much and don't eat it very often. Have got only one icecream so far this season and that has been over a month ago. The best is Italian icecream.

  5. I love banana soft serve!

    I've been so tempted to buy those Magnum bars! I better stick with banana soft serve ;)

  6. I actually had bananas on my pancakes this morning - I sliced them on top of cold pancakes and when I nuked them together, the bananas were so silky and creamy yum!

    Love the toddler - that treat is almost as big as his head. :D

    I love DQ's peanut buster parfait - but at 22 points for the small, not going to get that anytime soon!

  7. Andrea, when are you coming to visit? ;-)
    We need to go out for Pat Bing Soo! That's my favorite frozen treat!

  8. I love the addition of the pumpkin pie spice to your frozen banana treat! The other day I realized I Was out of cinnamon when I Was making my granola bars, and I used pumpkin pie spice instead. I was pleasantly surprised.

    LAtely I've been into making my own popsicles with my popsicle maker. It's messy, but worth it!

  9. What a great idea to add pumpkin spice to the banana soft serve! I LOVE maple walnut ice cream, that is by far my favorite frozen treat. But I don't get it very often... Have a great day Andrea.

  10. Oh my gosh, I need to make that pumpkin soft serve. That sounds amazing!! I love pumpkin!
    I love frozen yogurt with berries in the summer. It is so refreshing. Oh and nothing beats a smoothie!

  11. I've never made soft serve - but I want to!

    And I LOVE the idea of these bars - I plan to try them. Hearted that Rachel Bilson was in the commercials!

  12. I love frozen bananas, too. They taste so decadent with their natural creaminess.

  13. Those Magnum bars are the real deal. Brent and I went on a big international trip about 4 years ago and we were constantly on the lookout for those. Assuming they are the same thing!

    Brent makes a killer maple ice cream!!!

  14. OK so I know we do not need this :) but I wanna get the husband a YONANAS for fathers day!
    a countertop thing which makes fro yo from frozen bananas.

    have you ever seen it??

  15. That recipe sounds great. I think we have similar "frozen" taste buds. I love frozen fruit as well. Frozen pureed watermelon is great with some mint in it. Fave supermarket frozen dessert are smooze pops or ciao bella mini grapefruit sorbets. Fave life has no rules dessert is mint chocolate chip ice cream or coffee ice cream, hmn.

  16. oh I am probably going to make up some more banana ice cream this weekend.

    I think our last frozen treat was the blueberry/banana stuff I made a few weeks ago.


    Have a great holiday weekend!

  17. Anonymous5/27/2011

    Gotta try the frozen banana soft serve with pumpkin pie spice, that sounds good. We just ate our last Magnum bar sample, those were so good.

  18. P and I have been eating those Magnum bars for years every time we go overseas. They are tres yummy.

    I'm actually not big on frozen stuff because I have very sensitive teeth. But when I reallllly need some ice cream I like Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia. Sluuurp. :)

  19. Anonymous5/28/2011

    your frozen banana treat looks great! I am not a ice cream person but I started the juicing and I love it! :)
    have a wonderful weekend!

  20. The frozen treat we enjoy the most are the fruit smoothies we have after our runs. We've loved them lately with the fresh apricots that are in season.