Sunday, September 18, 2016

Floral Pants for Fall

I had $10 in rewards and a $15 birthday coupon from Banana Republic that I had to use in August. There was also a 40% off the sale price promotion going on at the end of August (which is happening very often at Banana Republic). I had been looking for metallic flats, and I was happy when I found the pale gold flats as they are shiny but not too much so.

While browsing the website, I was thrilled when I came across the Avery-Fit Floral Crop pants (in tall) as I had been looking for floral pants because the ones I own are unfortunately quite a bit past their prime; they are 5+ years old, and I have worn them often, and they have been washed often. They definitely have served me well. I ended up getting the flats and the pants for $31 total and managed to get free shipping (at first, the website wouldn’t accept my birthday coupon along with my rewards with the 40% off, but after about 20 tries, I ended up getting it to work, and I was happy when my order qualified for free shipping even though the total was below $50).

Floral Pants 5  
Floral Pants 6

I like these floral pants because of the colors in them, and I look forward to creating different outfits with a wide range of colors. This time I stuck to red and pink, but there are so many possibilities: grey, red, pink, turquoise, yellow, green… While the pants are from the spring/summer collection, for fall I’m looking forward to pairing them with dark green, grey, and dark reds.

Floral Pants 4 
Floral Pants 2

I’m still loving my Coach satchel (similar); the little pink bag turned out to be much roomier and versatile than I had thought it would be when I bought it.

Coach Satchel

Questions: Do you like florals? If so, are you planning on wearing floral pants (or other floral pieces of clothing) in the fall? Or are you reserving them for spring and summer? If you are wearing florals in the fall, are you sticking to more traditional fall colors?

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