Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Accessories to Freshen Up My Wardrobe

I’m not easily swayed by sales as I plan most of my purchases for a long time and try to only buy items that I truly love and know I’ll own for a long time. But I do believe in freshening up my look with accessories, and the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is a great time to pick up items on my wish list. Plus, I keep my accessories for years. Many of my scarves and necklaces are 15+ years old, and I always enjoy wearing them as they can really change up an outfit.

One of my favorite scarves* is part of the sale, and I just ordered one to give as a gift to a friend who always comments that she loves the scarf when I wear it.

Statement Scarf 01

There are several other scarves and wraps that I’m tempted to pick up: 

During last year’s Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale, I picked up one of my favorite bags - a light pink Rebecca Minkoff MAB bag (similar) -  for just over $100. I later realized that the bag was truly a steal - a great price, and I know I’ll own and love it for years.
Rebecca Minkoff Pink MAB bag
This Rebecca Minkoff bag, which is part of the sale, is very nice, too. But what I’m really looking for is a brown(ish) crossbody (saddle)bag so that I can alternate between a brown bag and my black Rebecca Minkoff Dog Clip Saddle bag (bought during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in July). I use the black bag almost every day and would like to give it a break once in a while. There are several brown bags part of the sale that are very nice:

Questions: Are you planning on buying anything during the Nordstrom HalfYearly Sale or other sales? If so, what do you have your eye on?

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