Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gifts that Bring Joy

By now many of you have probably seen 1000+ gift guides. I didn’t intend to put together a gift guide this year, but then I thought about why we give gifts. Gifts are supposed to bring joy - to both the giver and the receiver. It’s wonderful for the giver to see the joy on the receiver’s face. I actually think giving the “perfect” gift is more satisfying and brings more joy than receiving gifts.

So when I select gifts for loved ones, I try to think of things that bring them joy - things they wouldn’t necessarily splurge on for themselves.


I love giving beautiful orchids as gifts. Orchids are surprisingly easy to care for and in my opinion transform a room. Plus, they last for a long time and therefore bring joy for many, many weeks. And, if you are lucky enough to get them to bloom multiple times, they bring joy for many years.

Since we live in a mild climate, we are lucky to be able to keep orchids outside. My mom bought me two big orchid plants when the kid was an infant - nine years ago - and they have faithfully bloomed every February. It’s a wonderful reminder of her visit and the time we spent together.


I’ve also had good experiences with flower delivery services - both as a sender and as a recipient. It’s nice to open the door and be surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Several of my friends and family members are going to be surprised by a holiday flower delivery next week!


Quality candles truly can transform a room with both the light and the wonderful scent they emit. It’s something I don’t always splurge on for myself but enjoy giving as a gift (I also love receiving them!). Plus, a bigger candle also lasts for quite some time, so the recipient gets to enjoy it for an extended period of time.


Cashmere is a classic fabric that never goes out of style. Plus, it feels divine against the skin. I always have at least one cashmere sweater in my closet. If you don’t want to worry about sizing, a cashmere scarf makes a great gift.

Tea Flowers & Glass Tea Pot 

Last year, I gave glass tea pots to several family members and friends. I accompanied the pots with tea flowers. This year, I sent everyone who got a glass tea pot last year more tea flowers. This glass tea pot and flowering tea bulbs gift set looks wonderful.

Questions: What are your go-to gifts? 

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