Sunday, October 30, 2011

Veggies, Fun Facts, & Weekly Menu

We started the weekend off with a CSA box. I love everything we got. We already ate some of it, and I planned how to use everything right away. I have found it’s important for me to plan how to use everything immediately, or things can get lost and forgotten…

Here is what we got and what we’ll do/did with it:
  • Pears – lunches
  • Apples – lunches
  • Grapes – they are The. Best. Grapes AND they are SEEDLESS!!! Smile Somehow the toddler kid declared they are his right away…
  • Broccoli – roast
  • Sugar pie pumpkin – pumpkin soup
  • Beets – roast
  • Arugula – salad
  • Green kale – kale chips – already eaten; we haven’t had kale chips in quite some time; they were delicious.
  • Peppers – used one in a potato, onion scramble, seasoned with salt, pepper, and oregano; used another in some veggie chili; will roast the last one
  • Onion – will roast it
So here is our weekly menu:

Meal 1: Roasted veggies and halibut
Meal 2: Pumpkin soup – I think I’ll cut the pumpkin in half, roast it, and then sauté some veggies, add the pumpkin, veggie stock and spices, and then blend it. Once the soup is done, I’ll stir in some Greek yogurt. I’ll also roast the seeds to add some crunch to the soup.
Meal 3: Juliana’s Panko Crusted Chicken Cutlets – I used to make a very similar dish with bread crumbs quite frequently when the young adult was little (just what Juliana described making back in Brazil). Since I have some panko crumbs, this is perfect! We will have a big salad with the chicken.
Meal 4: Bean soup – from the freezer – I really enjoy all the frozen leftovers in my freezer!!! Not sure why I hadn’t frozen things for such a long time…
Meal 5: Leftovers. I will probably supplement the leftovers with a salad. If there isn’t enough food, I’ll make a grilled cheese sandwich and cut it into fours.

Now on to some fun facts. EA, The Spicy RD awarded me the Versatile Blogger award, and I’m supposed to share 7 things about myself with you. Thanks, EA! EA is an RD and writes a blog I very much enjoy with healthy living tips and great gluten-free recipes.

Versitle Blog Award

So here are 7 things about me you may not know:
  1. I don’t like scary movies AT ALL.
  2. I once made myself fall asleep during a scary movie at the movie theater.
  3. I used to seriously dislike sweets and chocolate when I was little.
  4. Unfortunately, my dislike for sweets and chocolate has been changing as I’ve been getting older…
  5. I really enjoy Bravo t.v. shows when I want to relax and take my mind off of things.
  6. I am an early morning person and am usually up by 4:30 a.m.
  7. I am also often asleep very, very early…
Finally, here is a phone pic I took of us all dressed up for a Halloween party. I loved how much hubby got into character… Look how sad he looks… Smile 


Questions: What’s on your menu this week? Did you have any Halloween fun over the weekend? What’s one fun fact about yourself you’d like to share with us?
Be well,


  1. Cute costumes! Is that a purple pepper in the CSA loot? How pretty!
    I can't believe your wake up time. I wish I was an early morning person, but I have a hard time getting up before 7am on most days. Hubs and I decided this morning that we need to start gradually tweaking our schedule to be going to bed and waking up earlier. Somehow it's been moving later and later lately! Eek!
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Congratulations on your award! I absolutely hate scary movies too. I'm still scared of the evil queen from Snow White. Great costumes!

    :-) Marion

  3. I love that photo!!! Your son looks just as sad as the jailbird. They both have miserable looks on their faces! haha, I'm guessing the toddler was mimicking his dad.

    I was actually thinking about making pumpkin soup tonight, for me, with chicken added. Thanks for the simplified recipe. I like the Greek yogurt idea for thickening.

  4. LOVE the photo, Andrea.
    Im excited to bring my supergirl trick or treating tonight.

    whether or not *I* dress up is still her decision :)

  5. So if I wake up at 4:30 am will my menu be as well planned out as yours? We're having Halloween fun tonight. I'll let you know if I'd still use the work "fun" after the 8 kids and 8 adults leave. Interesting CSA box comes at end of the week.

  6. It sounds like you got a great box!

    From 4-8 I was Princess Aurora for Halloween. The only reason I stopped was I outgrew the costume my mom made me.

  7. Great menu plan! Mine is simple this week; it's on my FB page. I keep forgetting abut roasted broccoli....You sure do get up EARLY! I've always been more of a night owl, myself. And I love the family costume photo. So fun to dress up all together! :)

  8. You guys look great! We don't celebrate in Holland although it looks they try to get it "alive" here the past few years but so far it didn't work.

    And here I am thinking getting up at 5.15 am is early but you definitely beat me :)

  9. I've never seen a cuter astronaut!! ADORABLE! All of you look wonderful!

    I went with a hockey player today...I've got my skates on and everything! It gets a little toasty under all these pads, though!!

    P.S. I don't know that I knew you were going to FoodBuzz...can't wait to see you!!!

  10. Andrea, I see that you will try the panko chicken...hope your family like it. Happy Halloween to you too...great family picture...and your husband look great...hint...hint :-)
    Have a wonderful week my dear!

  11. Looking forward to seeing/hearing how the pumpkin soup recipe turns out! Very cool that you got a pumpkin in your CSA. WIth all the pumpkin hype around Halloween, sometimes it's easy to forget that they're actually a food! :)

  12. You guys look soo cute!! I hope you have a great time trick or treating!
    Love your loot for the week! Kale chips are the best!

  13. I don't like scary movies at ALL too, Andrea. Unfortunately, I'm unable to make myself fall asleep during one.

    Menu looks delicious! I'm going to pop over one day, just you watch! ;-)

  14. Great looking menu. My menu? Nothing! Oops, actually I need to make some plans because my hubby is going on night shift for a week and I know that will change what I plan to do for dinner. It will just be me. At least we made some tuna salad using Azorean tuna for lunches. Guess I need to go to the commissary at some point.

  15. Love that super adorable family picture :)!! And in contrast to you, I am a night owl and in the morning I am always totally dead ;)!

  16. You have a week filled with tasty food coming up! I don't like scary movies either! Cute costumes.

  17. You all look so cute! This week we are having lots of leftovers since we had friends over on Sunday for a pre Thanksgiving dinner! I have a ton of turkey left over to use in other dishes.

    No scary movies for me either - they make me have bad dreams.

  18. Anonymous11/01/2011

    I just did a post about my CSA also. Don't you love it - I wish I lived in an area that did this all year round. I'm not a scary movie person either! I received a cabbage this week so I am making corn beef and cabbage. Tomorrow I am making grilled chicken with broccoli and roasted beets, and not sure what will be in store for Thursday/Friday. Have a great day!!

  19. Anonymous11/01/2011

    love this pic! also like you i need to plan how i will use the csa or it will go bad. and like you i need to go to sleep really early too. i love it though :)

  20. Anonymous11/01/2011

    I also don't like scary movies at all! and I'm early person too, although 6am would be perfect for me! my recent problem is that I don't get sleepy at night and the next year I'm so tired.
    love your costumes!

  21. Love the costumes Andrea! I don't like scary movies either, yet somehow my daughter loves them - needless to say, we don't see those kind of movies together!

  22. Hi Andrea,
    Congrats on the award. Love the costumes.

  23. So glad you shared 7 things about yourself! I used to like scary movies, but not so much anymore! Love your weekly menu plan with all your CSA goodies, and I especially love your Halloween photo :-)

  24. Anonymous11/03/2011

    Mmmmm, pumpkin soup!!

    Haha, I love scary movies! They don't really scare me though -- I just get deliciously creeped out. On Halloween I saw Paranormal Activity 3. It was great but I had to go by myself because my friends were wussies XD

    I love y'all's costumes! See you this weekend!

  25. Oh my gosh, that last picture is too funny! Your hubby's expression is priceless - I hope you keep this picture for a looong time ;) And, of course, your little astronaut is precious. I love your costume, too - the hat is very becoming! :)

    Your weekly menu sounds delicious! I just might have to steal your idea for pumpkin soup, especially with the Greek yogurt and roasted pumpkin seeds, mmm.

    C0ngrats on your award! I hate scary movies, too - I remember I saw "Independence Day" when I was really young and it gave me nightmares for a month! Although, now that I think about it, I don't think it's supposed to be a scary movie. Oh, well :P

    Have a great weekend, Andrea!

  26. WOw such a colorful box! Amazing. Good thing that you had a plan. Love the purple pepper. Pumpkin soup is so fabulous. Last year I did a lot of vitamix soups with winter squashes. Just stick it raw in the blender with some spices and let it go for 6 minutes or so- cooked, delish.

    Love the photo of you 3- very cute. Yes, Andy looks sad poor baby!

    Something about me: I LOVE to watch foreign newscasts (in English). I feel that our news is not as interesting and it's watered down.

  27. I don't like scary movies AT ALL either and I once made myself fall asleep in the theater too!! Ha ha!!! The last scary movie I saw was the 6th Sense. After that one I decided enough is enough. No more for me! Although I did "enjoy" No Country for Old Men (or was it Country for Old Men) which was pretty scary.