Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Last week, we celebrated two birthdays. First hubby’s, and then the toddler’s. The toddler is still excited that he’s 4 now (which makes him officially not a toddler any longer).

Hubby’s birthday was low key, but the toddler had quite the celebrations.

We started the day off with a mini cake and a present (a child-friendly digital camera).

I baked mini cupcakes for the occasion, which the toddler shared at snack time at school.

In the evening, we had a traditional Korean birthday meal at my in-laws: seaweed soup. It always brings back memories of when the toddler was a tiny baby, and I ate endless amounts of seaweed soup. Seaweed soup is very nutritious, and women eat it a lot after giving birth in Korean culture.

And over the weekend, the festivities continued at our house.

A great birthday week and weekend! If you want to see what meals and workouts I have planned for the week, they are posted on my Facebook page.

Questions: What was the highlight of your weekend? What is on your menu this week? What workouts do you have planned?
Be well,


  1. The highlight of my weekend was just laying low...nice to not have any plans!

  2. Awww, happy birthday to your son! And hubby, of course :) I bet he had a nice cold beer on his b-day (and I good one, of course).
    I love seeing a four year old eat seaweed soup. I think you've done such a fantastic job of exposing him to all types of fantastic foods!
    On my menu this week is a couple different soups and maybe a braised salmon dish.

  3. Happy Birthday to your "boy". It is fun seeing him grow up on your blog. Do you suppose we will be sending him off to college some day?
    We had a fish fry at my daughter's house! The fish were blue gill that my husband caught in a farm pond. Everything was so good!
    She made some Crockpot Apples for us that were wonderful! She stuffed a large Crockpot with cored and peeled tart apples, a little called for 1/2 a cup but she reduced it to a couple of Tablespoons, and 2 9-ounce bags of cinnamon red hots. They cook for 5 hours on high and the finished product is a dark pink and full of cinnamon! I want to try some of the apples on a buttermilk biscuit!

  4. No longer a toddler, oh my!!! What will we call him now? :) Happy belated birthday to two of your most favorite boys!! The festivities look like a blast!!

  5. I can't believe the toddler is 4!! What a big boy. Sounds like you all enjoyed a fabulous weekend, Andrea!

  6. My weekend highlight was a date with my daughter. It looks like your little one had a happy birthday!

  7. Aw, happy birthday to the hubs and toddler - he's looking more like a boy and not so babyish anymore - time really flies!

    Loved having Sunday dinner yesterday and having a clean kitchen at 5:00 p.m.!

    I made a new to me quiche - I'll post the recipe tomorrow, I used roasted new potatoes as the crust - so good!

  8. Andrea, Happy Birthday to both "boys"!
    You sure had lots of fun celebrating the toddler b'day...thanks for sharing the pictures.
    Hope you have a great week :-)

  9. Happy Birthday to the guys! Looks like a good time to me!

    The highlight of our weekend was getting together with some friends on Sunday afternoon.

    This week I am making two kinds of turkey burgers, oven fries and oven sweet potato fries, chicken bundles, tilapia and a pot of soup.

    I am walking at least 6 times this week!

  10. how awesome - double bdays!!!

  11. Happy Birthday to the men in your life! Looks like a fun weekend! The last thing on my to-do list for today is this week's menu plan since it didn't get done yesterday. It will include a soup for sure, and a few trial runs for Halloween night dishes.

  12. My hub A who is K also has a birthday in O! Pretty funny, huh? You sound like such a good momma! Your son is spoiled in the very best ways! Lots of love and great experiences.

    :-) Marion

  13. Happy birthday to the men of the household! That cake looked amazing!

    One of the highlights we had over the weekend was eating Korean food for perhaps the second time?? It was amazing. We chose the place b/c it looked clean, well-populated and there was no english written anywhere! :-)

    Also a highlight was being at Jenn's goodbye open house in Ventura. Wonderful!

  14. Happy birthday to the boys!!! Looks like you had fun.

    Our highlight over the weekend was our rv open "house". It was fun to be able to see a number of our friends including Deb! :-)

  15. Happy belated birthday to both your beautiful boys. Looks like the toddler had a great birthday party.

  16. I would love to spend some time at your home.
    not in a weird-way but in an "it looks so relaxing and calm and healthy' way...

  17. how fun! the birthday bash looks like such a good time :)

  18. What an adorable little boy! All these cute photos online are making me get the baby itch : )


  19. Happy birthday! I think mini cupcakes are the greatest invention ever! Looks fantastic. What are you guys handing out this Halloween? I just announced my plans. They are as wacky as all get-out, as one would expect. :0)

  20. The Toddler is getting so big! I love his bed head in the first photo :) He is lucky to be so loved <3

  21. The highlight of my weekend was that my hubby started to feel better (at the end really). We really just watched a lot of movies.

    Glad you had some nice b-day celebrations. I can't believe he is 4 now!

  22. Happy belated birthdays to your two loved ones! Your little boy is just so cute. Looks like he likes the birthday soup. I was tired of eating all that seaweed soup after giving birth to my two children, but it is one of my favorite soups now.

    This week, I have been cooking various dishes with kabocha squash.

  23. What a tasty way to celebrate. Happy birthdays to both the toddler and the hubby. I wonder which one is more excited about getting a year older? ;)