Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Last week, we celebrated two birthdays. First hubby’s, and then the toddler’s. The toddler is still excited that he’s 4 now (which makes him officially not a toddler any longer).

Hubby’s birthday was low key, but the toddler had quite the celebrations.

We started the day off with a mini cake and a present (a child-friendly digital camera).

I baked mini cupcakes for the occasion, which the toddler shared at snack time at school.

In the evening, we had a traditional Korean birthday meal at my in-laws: seaweed soup. It always brings back memories of when the toddler was a tiny baby, and I ate endless amounts of seaweed soup. Seaweed soup is very nutritious, and women eat it a lot after giving birth in Korean culture.

And over the weekend, the festivities continued at our house.

A great birthday week and weekend! If you want to see what meals and workouts I have planned for the week, they are posted on my Facebook page.

Questions: What was the highlight of your weekend? What is on your menu this week? What workouts do you have planned?
Be well,