Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Fun and What Are You Eating This Week?

We had some fun at the park on Saturday. The toddler chased me either with his trike or his running shoes… Smile We also played in the sand a bit (and the evidence is still in the car…).

We also ate a delicious brunch on Saturday that hubby prepared.

Weekend meals are easy as we usually have more time. Plus, once in a while hubby cooks. Well, at least he did this past weekend,  but it’s rare that he cooks… Yes, hubby, I’m talking to you here! Smile I have to say however that you are off to a good start this year… Keep up the good work! Smile   When it comes to weekday meals, things are not quite as easy.

To keep weekday meals “sane,” I plan meals for the week, but I’m very flexible as to when we eat what.  Over the years that’s what I have found works best for us. Here is what I have planned for this week:
  • Baby greens with grilled salmon
  • Baked potatoes with Trader Joe’s Organic Vegetable Chili, Greek yogurt, and a little cheese; broccoli on the side
  • Vegetable curry and naan
  • Brown rice pasta with tomato/basil/almond pesto and a salad
  • Barley soup with carrots, onions, celery, and mushrooms
Questions: So, how about you? Are you a meal planner? If so, what are you eating this week? I'd love some ideas for next week… If you are not a meal planner, how do you decide what to eat every day? 

Be well,


  1. That vegetable curry looks wonderful! (I hit the link!) I just bought some naan yesterday, and made two curries for the week! I'm definitely a meal planner - this week is the aforementioned curries, cowboy spaghetti, risotto, guacamole chicken wraps and more! I love the start of a week - almost as much as that little pic of toddler with his pail - so cute!

  2. We went very traditional for Sunday dinner. I baked a ham, some sweet potatoes, and mixed vegetables. My grandkids love Hawaiian rolls so I treated them to a package of those.
    It is supposed to be blizzard like weather this week here so we will be eating something like chili or potato soup and a tuna casserole perhaps.

  3. Your brunch looks very tasty and your little guy is getting so big.

  4. Your week ahead looks delicious!

  5. Thanks for the shout out. I think.

  6. when im older and eventually have a family i know i will definitely be more of a meal planner. i usually base it off how im feeling that day/moment and then intuitively go from there. sometimes i plan my meals if i want to make something from a blog and get the ingredients for it to make the next day.


  7. I wish I could be more of a meal planner, but it just does not often work out. I find the trick to making sure you still eat healthy is simply not buying quickie junk. The crockpot is my favorite thing. I love a slow cooked meat with a side of veggies for dinner. Simple, but easy and delish. (Pretty cheap too) ;)

  8. Yep, total meal planner here. It still perplexes my husband though - he's like "how do I know if I want chili on Wednesday?!" But he's a trooper.

    Monday: Asian chicken wings with sesame green beans
    Tuesday: Tuscan pork chops with brown rice and parmesan zucchini
    Wednesday: Italian Pot Roast over egg noodles.
    Thursday: Steak, Twice Baked Potato and Broccoli
    Friday: Hopefully pizza! :D

  9. I am so lucky to have Nick in my life, but I do wish he would cook sometimes. He always offers to do dishes (and I typically accept his offer!) but I would love to take a break from cooking one day. When he cooks he does such a good job! He just...never does. I do love to be in the kitchen though, so I can't complain too much, but your hubby's breakfast looks amazing, and I;d love to wake up to that one morning!

  10. Anonymous1/31/2011

    I need a Saturday breakfast maker! I'm the same way with meal planning, I shop and cook enough for the week but I don't necessarily "assign" meals to a day. Its more spontaneous. :) Having enough is the most important part! I hate eating out on Friday because the groceries are low.

  11. The toddler is so cute! Fund times in the park.

    I go in an out of phases of menu planning. When my kids were younger I planned a weekly menu and included a night for leftovers. I posted the menu so everyone knew what we were having.

    Now with hubby traveling one or two nights a week, and our son commutes to college and doesn't always eat dinner at home it has become more difficult to plan.

    I try to make a pasta dish for the guys each week and they can heat the leftovers a plate at a time. I usually make one big pot of soup a week in the winter.

    I take it a day at a time right now and cook if someone will be here to eat it.

  12. I just finished the tuna salad I am using for wraps tonight. I am trying to increase the protein with dinners since Ryan thinks he is lacking (as he probably is since I need way less a day and I do meet my needs and I am the one feeding him mostly...lunch is usually a salad too so not too much there). I wish I could join you for your vegetable curry.

  13. Andrea, you have a nice menu for the week :-) Great pictures! So much fun...

  14. I want to come to dinner at your house! When I had kids at home, I was a meal planner. Now it's a bit more relaxed since it's just the two of us. The only time I run into trouble finding something healthy to eat is when the pantry gets too low.


  15. I always have a general idea of what we will be eating throught out the week. Some meals need to be super fast while others can take more time. And I use my crock pot every chance I get!