Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cheesy Mushroom Pasta Bake

Some time ago, we received some Bertolli pasta sauce through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program.We received a jar of Arrabbiata sauce, which I used in a pasta/shrimp dish several weeks back. We also received a Four Cheese Rosa sauce.

Cheesy Mushroom Pasta 01

I finally put the Four Cheese Rosa sauce to good use the other day. The sauce was quite rich, so I decided to make the focus of the dish mushrooms.

Cheesy Mushroom Pasta 02
Cheesy Mushroom Pasta 03

I boiled some whole wheat penne pasta, and, while the pasta was boiling, I sautéed a mountain of sliced mushrooms in some olive oil. I seasoned the mushrooms with a little salt and pepper as well as dried basil (I didn’t have any fresh basil at the time). 

Once the pasta was done, I mixed the pasta with the sautéed mushrooms and then added about half the jar of the sauce. Next, I poured the mixture into a casserole dish.

Cheesy Mushroom Pasta 04

You can never have too much cheese, so I added a bit more Parmesan cheese to the top! :-)

Cheesy Mushroom Pasta 05

I baked the pasta for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Here is the finished dish:

Cheesy Mushroom Pasta 06
Cheesy Mushroom Pasta 07

It was a tasty, quick meal, and we enjoyed it with a big salad. Thank you Bertolli and Foodbuzz for letting us try these delicious sauces; they helped me make quick, tasty dinners. :-)

Questions: Do you like cheese? If so, what’s your favorite cheese? If you don’t eat cheese, do you have a favorite “cheese alternative?”

Be well,


  1. Anonymous4/29/2010

    Very yummy with the cheesy Bertolli sauce!

  2. Wowza, that is my kind of dish!

    Do I like cheese??? Well, let's just say that I like it so much that my thighs resemble it ;)

    My all-time favorite is fontina!

  3. I like this sauce better than the other when I got mine. It reminds me a lot of Alfredo sauce. :)

  4. YUmmy! I LOVE creamy mushroom dishes of any kind. This looks delicious and great for a weeknight dinner especially.

    I adore cheese. I don't know that I could pick a favorite...parmesan, mature white cheddar, and mild creamy brie come to mind :)

  5. looks good! i made something similar - i like that sauce!

  6. Do I like cheese? My dear, I could live on cheese. I couldn't possible pick a favourite but you'll always find old cheddar, feta and parmesan in our fridge for day to day use and if I'm really in the mood I might pick up some goat cheese, blue cheese or spiced gouda. But really, I've barely met a cheese I didn't like.

    BTW: I have been so busy I haven't been reading blogs daily and I've missed it. Today I ready your previous post about the toddler on his tricycle and it suddenly struck me what a big boy he is becoming. He is such a sweetheart. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your life and your family with us. It is so fun to literally watch him growing up. :)

  7. Wonderful pasta dish, Andrea! I really like havarti and Swiss!

  8. Anonymous4/29/2010

    I loveeeeeeeee goat cheese!!

  9. nooch baby, that's my alternative and my fave!

  10. This dish is right up my alley. Sadly, however, I can't eat mushrooms anymore because they give me the worst gas and cramps. I love them SOOO much, it's really too bad :( I do love cheese too. And thankfully I CAN eat cheese with no problems. If I was also lactose intolerant I don't know what I would do with myself! Favorite cheese: Swiss or feta

  11. That looks so darn yummy! I love the mushrooms added to this because the creaminess of the sauce will go well with the meaty mushrooms. I love cheese. I will eat any of the cheese around here. I love most kinds, but I really like fresh mozzarella, goat cheese and fontina.

  12. Didn't grow up with cheese, but am learning to like it. I greatly respect the cheese people at Whole Foods, and am using their expertise to slowly expand my palate! as always, thanks for the yummy pics!

  13. Anonymous4/30/2010

    I think mushrooms are brilliant. why don't people use them more?

  14. Oh man do I love cheese. I actually don't know if there is a cheese I don't like. :-/ I love mushrooms too. Always have since I was a little girl.

  15. Yumm! This looks wonderful! Those mushrooms are GORGEOUS!!! I looove cheese :) Right now, gruyere is topping my list, but it's always changing! Enjoy your weekend, Andrea!

  16. Looks so good, Andrea!

    I love cheese- don't know if I can choose a favorite...I love goat cheese, feta cheese, blue cheese, and sharp cheddar....oh, and fresh mozzarella!

    Have a great week, Andrea!

  17. I'm not a huge cheese fan so stick to the basics of cheddar and mozzarella! I do like Laughing Cow but I'm not sure that counts! :)

  18. A Dutch nickname is "cheese heads" (difficult to translate) we eat a lot of cheese in Holland. "Goudse" cheese is Dutch. I like cheese but don't eat it everyday, usually a low fat kind. I do love feta in a salad or use Parmesan on Italian dishes.

    We have a lot of Bertolli products here which I use every now and then.

    I love the dish, it looks very tasty.

  19. Anonymous5/02/2010

    This dish looks delicious!
    I LOVE cheese and don't know if I have a favorite. On the top of my list are feta, gorgonzola, and brie! Yum!

  20. Oh my Gosh, Andrea, don't even TALK about alternative cheeses! there CAN be NO alternatives for cheeses! Ah, that kills me! HAha, I obviously am very snobby when it comes to cheeses....I love brie, and goat cheese, and fresh mozzarella....the BEST!

  21. I love so many cheeses, I couldn't choose just one. I do find that jarred cheese sauces are sooo good. That one looks great.

  22. So now my question is, why wasn't I invited over for dinner?!


    That looks delicious. My favourite "cheese alternative" is homemade vegan cheezy sauce, made with nutritional yeast flakes. But I also like jalapeno cheddar, Laughing Cow light cheese, and smoky Gruyere cheese. And Brie! Cheese is tasty.