Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fun With the Trike and Weekly Meals

The toddler has been practicing riding his trike, and he finally “got it.” It was so much fun seeing him pedal away yesterday evening…

Trike 02
Trike 03
Trike 01
It’s been a while since I’ve posted our weekly meals on the blog (but I still planned them on my white board even when I didn’t post them). Here we go with this week’s meals:

Tuesday: Salmon with dill, lemon, and a bit of butter. Brown rice and a salad. Similar to a recent meal… But instead of sautéing the cabbage, I’ll make a spicy Asian slaw with cabbage, cucumbers, and carrots. The dressing will have have a little peanut butter, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and spicy red pepper paste. I’ll top the slaw with cilantro and peanuts.

Wednesday: It’s Wrapped Up Wednesday: Spring rolls with tofu and shrimp.

Thursday: Quesadillas on sprouted grain tortillas. We’ll have fresh salsa and a bit of fresh guacamole on the side. I have found that when I have plenty of salsa and a little guacamole, I am happy with very little cheese on my quesadilla… :-)

Friday: It’s Salad Friday. One of our salads will be a Caprese Salad; I have missed delicious mozzarella, flavorful tomatoes, and fresh basil…

Caprese Salad 01

Question: What’s on your menu today or this week?
Be well,


  1. I LOVE Caprese salad! I'll be making that next week for little daughter's first communion party!

    Yay for trike riding! He is so adorable :)

  2. Oh I love the idea of the caprese salad!

  3. We had lemon dill salmon last night, tonight is more leftover lasagna, tomorrow burgers I think! Then I'm off for a few days on a solo getaway, so who knows what I'll eat.

  4. great meal ideas! and he is so cute on his trike :)

  5. congrats on the trike! this week I'm eating leftover Haitian codfish and potatoes that I made over the weekend! yay for leftovers!

  6. Beautiful trike pics! So cool and artsy - your toddler is going to be one lucky grown up with so many amazing pics of his life!

    Love Salad Fridays and Wrap Wednesdays - fun way to ensure you're mixing it up!

    We have a few new casseroles on the menu, some mexican, some pizza, the usual!

  7. Mine won't...WILL NOT wear his helmet..so no bike. he fits it to a T now...lil stink.


    he wore his helmet in the house since BIRTH but now that we brought more toys OUTSIDE..nope.

    lil rebel he is!

    we are eating LEFTOVERS. I made so much food this weekend, that I GET A BREAK. SWEET!

    that caprese salad is making me pine for SUMMER

  8. Hey Andrea! The toddler is too cute on his trike!! I love the pictures of him always :)

    The menu for the week sound wonderful! I was thinking quesadillas this week, too! I made shrimp scampi last night and I'm going to make cauliflower macaroni tonight I think, and a healthy version of chicken parmesan this week, as well! And I made Lily's birthday cake for today :)

  9. Can I come to your place for dinner this week? Cuz I have no plan to speak of!

  10. Look at him go on that little trike. Too cute!

    As for meals this week, my husband is working late nights so I have just been waiting for him to come home and eating a late afternoon snack to hold me until then. But when he gets home it is too late to cook, so ti winds up being a frozen meal. I may cook something tonight.

  11. I love caprese salad! I haven't planned a menu this week... cooking by the seat of my pants so far.

  12. Sooo cute!!!! Just you wait...soon he'll be moving up to a two wheeler with training wheels. :)

  13. Anonymous4/27/2010

    Love your meal plan!! I actually am going to be making a healthy version of macaroni and cheese soup tonight for my lunch tomorrow - in my head it turns out really good, let's see how it turns out!

    Hooray for figuring out the bike!

  14. i love how organized you are with your meal planning ALWAYS. i never meal plan. maybe once life settles down i will be better at it. or i am telling myself that... haha. cute photos of the toddler!

  15. I'm glad your toddler is in good shape! I can see he is enjoying himself so much At least, you could relax yourself a little!
    Have a great day!
    Blessings, Kristy

  16. He's so cute! On our menu this week is Baked Spinach Linguine, Chicken 'n Dumplings, Black Beans & Rice, Pizza, and Brown Rice Wraps!

  17. Love caprese salad.

    I think I'll be making Swedish meatbalsl, burritos, Mozzarella chicken, and fried chicken. Yep, I said fried chicken!!!

  18. I'll take a spring roll with tofu and shrimp please!!! And, your son is so adorable on his tricycle!! Congrats to him for finally getting the hang of it :)
    Meals for us include....well...lots of stir fry and salads. Nick works most nights this week so I'm all by myself :(

  19. Hopefully having some salmon tonight! Adorable toddler...takes me back to my tricycle.

  20. he is so adorable! i just want to eat him up :)

    i love how you meal plan so well, and the sound of caprese salad! i love it. i haven't had that in forever!

    my meal plans: a big salad tonight, some tofu to use up sometimes this week and LOTS of frozen bananas :)

    hope you are well andrea - have a great wednesday!

  21. How special that he has learned to ride a tricycle! So cute!

    On the menu this week...well tonight we are having salmon. I am so excited, because we haven't had salmon in ages since I realized the stuff I was buying had ADDED COLOR in it. Gross. So yesterday I bought some fresh, wild salmon that we'll be enjoying tonight :)

  22. Anonymous4/28/2010

    He's adorable on his tricycle! I should make a caprese salad too with my heirlooms!

  23. I love the tricycle pictures :) (I can't wait until I can buy Wuzzle one!!)

    Mmm! I forgot how hungry I get when I come to your blog... LOL!

  24. OMG, he is too cute! I love the pictures.

  25. Love the picture of your son on his trike! My oldest son is 14 now, tall, deep voice and hairy! It went by so fast, enjoy him at that age :0)

    This week I didn't totally plan well at the store, I made kind of like a goulash with pasta, sauce and ground beef, ham mac and cheese and chicken sammy's - nothing fancy, but good!

  26. Awwww he is so cute riding around!!!!! I love salmon, your fixins that go along with it sound great. Today's left overs and cleaning out the fridge since we're going away for the weekend.

  27. please send YOURS over to teach MINE how to trike.
    Im getting a smidgetad tired of instructing :)


  28. This is very lovely posting I am so excited, because we haven't had salmon in ages since I realized the stuff I was buying had ADDED COLOR in it thanks Politics.