Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fresh Produce, Outdoor Fun, and Getting Some Rest

Sorry for my infrequent posts lately. I had planned on catching up on blogs over the weekend, but my plans didn’t work out due to a gallstone episode on Friday night followed by a really bad sore throat and horrible ear pain that started on Saturday afternoon.

We got our CSA delivery on Friday, and it was fabulous as always:

Outdoor Fun 05

Most of the produce is already gone. I had to make sure to get my vitamins… :)

Remember my goal to take my workouts outside more often? I run outside a few times per week, but I have also decided to get the toddler more involved in my workouts. Here we are doing lunges, sort of… :) Don’t look too closely at my form…

Outdoor Fun 01
Outdoor Fun 02

Until I was by myself… :)

Outdoor Fun 03 
Outdoor Fun 04

Okay, that’s it for today. I’ll try to catch up on all your blogs in the next few days.

Questions: What are you having for dinner today? When was the last time you took your workout outside? What did you do? If you haven't worked out outdoors in a while, what keeps you from doing so?
Be well,


  1. The toddler is so cute doing the lunges with you. hehehe...

    Oh, I spot some fresh stawberries in this week's CSA batch. Yum!!!

  2. I'm hoping to try a new recipe tonight for dinner that has homemade bread rolls and roasted veggies in pesto - we'll see how it goes!

  3. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well last week. Bummer. Love the lunging picutres! Is that a Lululemon sweater you're wearing?

  4. Anonymous5/04/2010

    Lo0ok at all those gorgeous veggies! Delicious. I don't really exercise outside much. I walk everywhere outside in NYC but need to get out there and do other activities more

  5. aw i love your little guy keeping up with you!!!

  6. I'm sorry you were sick Andrea, that's never fun. But we're glad you are back!
    I'm dying over here looking at the pictures of your son doing lunges. That's classic! They are hard, and I think your form looks good (but what do I know??). Since moving into our house I've been working out outside more too. Today I went on a long bike ride, then jumped rope outside. I love the idea of doing lunges, maybe tomorrow??

  7. Hope you're getting better now! And your son really making me laugh...hahaha...just what is he doing? haha....Oh dear! Btw, I have some awards for you. Please feel free to pick them up. Have a great day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  8. Anonymous5/04/2010

    I love the pictures of your little one doing his exercises! We like to walk outside, but now we've been staying in cause of the allergy season.

  9. Gallstones? Ouch! I hope you're feeling better!

    The CSA delivery is gorgeous! And you and the toddler doing lunges together outside is priceless! He's too cute! :)

    Tonight is homemade enchiladas, and you're welcome anytime after 6:15 when I get home from work ;)

  10. Just read your comment about our house!! I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for the excitement, it made ME more excited!!! :)

  11. As always, I love seeing your CSA baskets. do you get them every other week?
    I have no idea what we're having for dinner tonight. I work outside everyday!! I planted a lot in the garden last night!

  12. That is ADORABLE! So cute. I just took a run outside yesterday. The heat was killing me! I definitely need to start conditioning myself.

  13. Glad you are feeling better! I'm just getting over a sinus infection myself.
    I love working out outdoors- especially, now that the weather is so nice!

  14. Great looking produce. I am not sure what we are having for dinner tonight. Originally Ryan was going to be at work all night, but now he is home. I wish the sun would come out and the rain would stop so that I can get back outside soon.

  15. ADORABLE lunge shots - that lil' punkin gets me everytime! i hope you are feeling better - take care dear!

    and YES for a CSA...gah, i am mad at myself still for not signing up for one! happy wednesday andrea :)

  16. Here in Holland we also eat pancakes for dinner sometimes so that's what we had tonight.

    My last outdoor workout was this morning when I went for a run.

    Great idea to include your toddler in your workouts.

  17. Doing lunges outside while walking sounds like a great idea.. your son looks cute doing them with you :)

  18. i always do my cardio outside, rain or shine, hot or cold. it's just better to be in the fresh air!

    i do lunges on park benches too while skylar plays

    as for your compliments towards my progress...thank you!


  19. Anonymous5/05/2010

    Hope you are feeling better! Love that the toddler is "working out" with you!

    I did steak last night on the grill - so good and such a great deal! Tonight is shrimp tacos!

  20. Anonymous5/05/2010

    I haven't worked out outside in so long so I actually ran to the gym today. The gym is so close to my house that it is sad I don't run more often. I will definitely be doing it more often.

  21. Haha, I LOVE the toddler's lunges - what a cutie!

    I think we're having ma po tofu tonight? I'm not sure, because Peter's making it due to my final exams. I love running outside in the nice weather - in fact, I might do so today!

    Have a nice one, Andrea!

  22. Anonymous5/07/2010

    those thighs are going to be burning today! lunges always leave me store the day after

  23. Aww your little one is so cute.

    I thought about taking my workout outside today. The rain turned me off- normally it's incentive for me to get outside! Not today. Today I'm indoors :)