Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Favorite Forms of Exercise

I recently thought about why I work out. There are many reasons, and here are some of them:
  • feeling good
  • controlling my blood pressure
  • controlling my gallstones/getting myself in good shape for surgery - Yes, surgery is inevitable.
  • managing my weight
  • getting an hour of "me time" while the toddler is playing in the childcare at the gym
  • being able to keep up with the toddler ALL DAY LONG
But then I thought about whether I truly enjoyed working out. And, yes, I do. Here are some things I have been doing lately that make me truly enjoy my workouts:
  • working out outdoors as much as possible - I love long, difficult hikes that reward you with a gorgeous view at the end!
  • swimming - exercising in the water makes me feel like a kid, especially swimming outside
  • doing yoga and being mindful
  • running after the toddler - I call him my little trainer - he is tough, an endless ball of energy, and he hardly ever gives me a break!
  • going for brisk walks with hubby, the teenager, the toddler, or a friend - I love getting some exercise while catching up on each other's lives
Questions: Why do you exercise? What's your favorite form of exercise?

Be well,