Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Basil Love

I always like to have a vase with flowers on the dining room table, especially bright yellow or orange flowers. I feel like they really brighten up my day! But lately, my flowers have been replaced by my favorite herb in the world: basil!

I used to very successfully grow basil outside, but for some reason this year has been a complete failure. I replanted the basil three times, and each time it has completely disappeared. I have no idea what is eating it. Anyway, since I couldn't grow the basil outside, I bought a basil plant to keep inside (actually I have bought several plants as I use it so often....). And what better place to keep the basil than on the dining table? I just love the smell and look of the basil on the table! And it saves money as I don't buy flowers.... :o)

And here are some of my favorite ways to eat basil:
  • in pasta sauce
  • with tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper
  • with lemon pasta (lemon juice, olive oil, Parmesan cheese & lots of basil)
  • in a salad
  • on top of soups to add freshness
  • on a cracker with some soft cheese
  • thinly sliced in a vegetable sandwich
  • in pesto, especially if the pesto contains lots of tomatoes and not so much oil
  • in a dip for bread with flavorful olive oil & balsamic vinegar
  • in curry to add freshness
  • on top of pizza
  • ....
Basically, I could add basil to pretty much anything... I just love the smell and the taste... :o)

Question: Do you like basil? What's your favorite way of eating it?

Be well,


  1. Anonymous6/24/2009

    I've got a pasta salad recipe that is basically like #2 on your list.... basil, tomatoes, mozz, olive oil, YUM!

    Last year we had these weird beetles eating our basil plants, I had to go out every morning and knock them off the plants and into a cup of a water. They were creepy!!

  2. Anonymous6/24/2009

    I love the idea of growing herbs inside...never really thought about it I guess!

    Thanks for the comments on my new blog, I was worried that it wouldn't get the response the other one did. I'm getting my shoes on Saturday, I'll post a picture. Nothing exciting, just new tennis shoes!

  3. I'm honestly not positive. For some reason my family has NEVER cooked using fresh herbs. I've had basil on a couple things(eating out) and the flavor was a little strong to me. Probably something I just needed to get used to...

  4. Anonymous6/25/2009

    I have never used fresh herbs, but I love the way this combines fashion and function! :)

  5. Looks like a fun, and practical, idea...

  6. I currently have 4 types of basil growing in our house. I use it all the time. Lately, the recipe I use it in the most is my favorite roasted broccoli recipe:

  7. I am growing mine outside, but it is so hot and it's going to seed though I keep pinching it back. Tomato salads are my favorite way to use the basil.