Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cobalt Blue Sweater and Pants

I had forgotten about my cobalt blue sweater and pants for a while and recently “found” them again. Since I hadn’t worn them for a while, I decided to wear them together.

Blue Outfit 1 
It was a dry and not-too-cold day, and I added my black vest to break up the blue a bit.

Blue Outfit 2
The blue sweater is cashmere, and I picked it up a few seasons ago at Costco. I don’t regularly buy clothes at Costco, but I’m really happy with the quality as it’s been washed numerous times and is still holding up very well. Many years ago I bought a pink cashmere sweater also at Costco, and I wore it for many years. I was so sad when I had to finally throw it away… A new cashmere sweater is on my wish list for next year. The end of the season is a good time to invest in a timeless cashmere sweater as they are often deeply reduced yet don’t go out of style. Here are some sweaters that have caught my eye*:

Blue Outfit 3

I wore the outfit when we visited a new, small, casual yet tasty Korean restaurant - Bob Korean BBQ in the Strawberry Park shopping center in San Jose. The menu is quite small, but the dishes are prepared well. Some reviewers on Yelp complained that there is no grilling at the table (which is customary in many Korea restaurants), and it’s definitely not the kind of Korean restaurant with grills at each table or many side dishes. But for a casual, informal lunch or dinner, it’s a nice place to visit, and the prices are reasonable.

Bob Korean Restaurant

Questions: Have you forgotten about any items in your closet lately? Do you like cashmere sweaters? 

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