Thursday, February 23, 2017

How Our Eating Improved in 2017

2017 has already been a very busy year, but I’m happy to say that despite everything that’s going on, we have been eating very well. The main reason? After an overindulging second half of 2016, we started the year with a Conscious Cleanse.*

Conscious Cleanse Food Cucumber Radish Avocado Salad

The Conscious Cleanse - a food-based cleanse on which you eat plenty - and a wide - variety of food - was just the reset button we needed. I’ve been doing the Conscious cleanse regularly since January 2013.

You can read some of my Conscience Cleanse posts and additional information on my Conscious Cleanse page.

I always love that it helps me eliminate not-so-good-for-me foods and helps me get back to unprocessed foods with a focus on vegetables and some fruit.

We eat pretty healthy year round, but things do tend to sneak back into our diet little by little, and a Conscious Cleanse is a perfect way to focus on healthy foods without doing anything extreme.

Conscious Cleanse Fish and Salad

Plus, I always pick up a few new cleanse-friendly recipes that become part of our meal rotation. During our last cleanse, we all fell in love with a cleanse-friendly Thai coconut soup and a black bean soup. I now make one or the other every week.

Here is what we “cleaned” up or improved during out last cleanse:
  • We added more veggies to our diet by starting most mornings with a green smoothie.
  • The kid finally likes fish! We now eat a small piece of baked fish twice a week, and we all love it! 
  • We rediscovered that soups make a great meal as well as a healthy snack.
  • We let go of all the “healthy" chips and crackers that had snuck back into our diet.
  • We all agree that raw veggies with homemade hummus or avocado are a perfect snack. 
  • Even though he may not be enthusiastic about all vegetables, the kid will ALWAYS eat roasted Brussels sprouts, and I often have some in the fridge.
  • I eliminated coffee - once again - and feel much calmer and better for it as I had gotten used to drinking an unhealthy amount of it.
  • I got back to serious meal prep on the weekend and on one afternoon per week. It’s a great reminder that if you have healthy foods around, you will eat them! 
  • We got used to seeing mostly produce in our shopping cart and love it! 
  • I made sure to make some time every day for self care and me time
Conscious Cleanse Food Lettuce Wraps

Spring is a great time for a cleanse, especially as part of the work you’ll be doing on the cleanse is “cleaning up” other areas of your life, not only food. I like to think of it as a sort of spring cleaning for both what you eat and how you live your life. Plus, I think drinking green smoothies and eating lots of raw foods is a lot easier when it’s just a bit warmer out.

Conscious Cleanse Food Pulled Chicken in Lettuce

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The March 2017 Conscious Cleanse* starts on March 8 with a five day optional transition period. Click here* for more information about the Conscious Cleanse and to register. If you have any questions about my experiences with the Conscious Cleanse, leave them in the comments or send me an email at andreaswellnessnotes[at]

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Questions: How has your diet been during the first two months of 2017? Is there anything you would like to change or eliminate? Or maybe something you would like to add?

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*Disclosure: I’m a Conscious Cleanse ambassador, and I will earn a commission if you sign up for the cleanse using one of my links in this post. As always, all opinions in this post are my own.