Sunday, January 29, 2017

Embroidered Jeans with Faux Leather Jacket, Farmers Market in Campbell, and Burnt Rice in San Jose

Campbell Farmers Market 

We used to go to the Campbell Farmers Market every week, but we haven’t been in many weeks for various reasons. But last weekend, we made it.

Farmers Market 3

I really wanted to wear my embroidered jeans with my faux leather jacket, but in retrospect, it was a bit too cold for the outfit… 

Farmers Market 1

Since the jeans are a bit “loud,” I kept the rest of the outfit neutral.

Farmers Market 2

Our trip was pretty short, but we picked up some raw cheddar cheese, several heads of romanesco (which we love but is only available for a short period of time), lemons, and bread. 

The kid also picked out the best blood oranges.  

Farmers Market 4

And I picked out some super sweet and delicious grapes. Okay, I got lucky…  

Farmers Market 5

Burnt Rice in San Jose

And then we went to check out a new-to-us restaurant, Burnt Rice on Curtner Avenue in San Jose. Burnt Rice is a Korean restaurant that serves traditional Korean dishes as well as fusion dishes. Andy wasn’t really up for experimenting with fusion dishes, such as their Oppa Gangnam fries - cajun seasoned fries topped with nacho cheese sauce, fresh kimchi, green onions, an egg your way, and a choice of beef, bulgogi, pork belly, spicy or sweet koriake chicken or pork. Other dishes on the fusion menu include tacos and burritos.

Burnt Rice 1

We started by sharing an appetizer, the pork belly musubi, which was excellent. 

Burnt Rice 2

The boys got a bunch of meats - L.A. Style Kal Bi and spicy pork. Both meats were very good. They were served with rice, soup and Korean side dishes. Our only, minor, complaint would be that there were only four side dishes - many Korean restaurants provide more. The side dishes were also pretty small and weren’t refilled, which is customary in many Korean restaurants (but we also didn’t ask for refills).

Burnt Rice 3
Burnt Rice 4 
I ordered lettuce wraps (from the appetizer menu) and loved them. The lettuce was nice and fresh, and I loved filling it with the grilled meat. They also come with rice, but I skipped it.

Burnt Rice 5

Questions: Have you ever had Korean food? If so, did you like it? What was your favorite dish? What piece of clothing in your closet are you looking forward to wearing once it gets a bit warmer (or colder, if it's summer right now where you live)?

Be well,