Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sitting Boots

For the past 30 years or so I have been wearing “sensible” shoes. I severely injured my right ankle when I was 16, and, despite a complicated surgery, the ankle has never completely healed. I therefore have worn mainly flats, which I can handle. I definitely make sure that the flats I choose are fashionable (and at the same time provide support and are comfortable).

But recently I have been drawn to some not-so-sensible shoes  - boots with a heel. In fact, in the course of a few weeks, I bought two pairs of boots with quite a heel. Both heels are block heels and sturdy, but they are still much higher than my ankle can handle for a long time.

I have therefore called my new boots “sitting boots.” Now, they are not truly “sitting boots” as I can manage to walk in them and be comfortable for about an hour. And I can tolerate a second hour, but after that it gets difficult. So basically the boots are going-out-to-dinner (or going-out-and-don’t-walk-a-lot) boots. I’m hopeful that my ankle, which hasn’t had to deal with any kind of heel for 30 years, is going to get used to the heel little by little…
IMG 1465

Questions: Do you own “sitting shoes?” If so, do you own more “sensible” shoes or more “sitting” or “going-out-to-dinner” shoes? 

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