Sunday, October 16, 2016

H&M Floral Dress

Several weeks ago, I saw an H&M advertisement for a floral dress in the morning and happened to be near an H&M store in the afternoon. I knew I had to check it out. The dress is very affordable, but a great deal is not what drives me to buy clothes anymore. I really try to think about how often I will wear a certain garment and if it truly fits into my wardrobe. The dress is a bit “louder” than my usual, mainly muted clothes but exactly the piece of clothing I like to add once in a while to keep things from getting too predictable.

I think the dress works well with a denim jacket, but I can also see it with different colored cardigans and sweaters later this fall, and I look forward to experimenting in the coming weeks and months.

H M Floral Dress 1
H M Floral Dress 2

I really like the pattern of the dress and know it’ll stay in my closet for many years.

H M Floral Dress 3 
H M Floral Dress 4
H M Floral Dress 5
 Outfit Details: H&M Floral Dress, Lace Up Booties

Questions: When was the last time an advertisement for a certain clothing item made you check it out in a store right away? I honestly can’t remember the last time before this dress…

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