Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gabs Bag

On our trip to Germany, Andy bought me a handbag as an early birthday present. It’s a Gabs bag. 

Gabs Bag 3

Gabs is an Italian company, founded in 2000. One fun element of Gabs bags is that they can often be transformed into different shapes. The same bag can morph from a boxy bag to a bucket-style bag to flat tote.

Gabs Bag 4

My sister has a large collection of Gabs bags in all different shapes and colors, and I like her colorful and unique bags. I decided to get a green one - I love the color and the ways it can be transformed. It was on sale - reduced twice - and therefore a great deal. Plus, I think the shade of green can work year round.  

Gabs Bag 6

The bags have fun (and useful) elements, such a tiny notebook and a shopping bag that’s attached to the interior of the bag.

Gabs Bag 5

Gabs’ trademark is the pretty turquoise button.

Gabs Bag 7

Here are a few photos of when I carried the Gabs bag in Germany.

Gabs Bag 1
Here we are visiting the little (but beautiful) town of Gelnhausen

Gabs Bag 2
And here we are in Aschaffenburg, another small(ish) town along the Main river with a castle, beautiful gardens, numerous interesting churches, a museum that is a replica of an Roman villa (Pompejanum), and more.

I always love looking back at photos from our trip… Here are more Gabs bags I wouldn't mind owning:

Questions: Have you heard of Gabs bags? If so, do you own one? What are you looking for in a handbag? I never used to be a “bag lady” until fairly recently. At this point in my life I see a bag as an investment piece that I intend to carry for many years, but I don’t want to spend too much money on a bag as I live a pretty active and casual life. But I’m more and more aware of the fact that a bag can add some quite a bit of interest to an outfit.

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