Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Fun and Planning Time

Here is some of our weekend fun:

On Saturday, we checked out the KraftBrew Beer Fest in San Jose. Hubby really enjoyed tasting all the different beers. Since I was the designated driver, I only had a few sips; I liked everything I tasted.

Beer Fest 03
On Sunday, we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at Clos La Chance Winery. We had forgotten the toddler’s basket, so he collected eggs into a paper bag… Nevertheless, it was lots of fun, and the scenery at the winery is just breathtaking…
And now It’s time to plan meals and workouts for the week.

I plan five dinners for the week, but I don’t plan them for a particular night. Before planning, I always take a quick look at my fridge, freezer, and pantry and try to use some items I already have (This week I’ll use quinoa, canned wild salmon, and brown rice pasta from the pantry. I still have feta cheese for the quinoa salad as well as sliced cheese for the grilled cheese sandwiches in the fridge. The basil for the pasta is coming from my basil plant on the table.)  I plan no more than one meat/poultry meal per week and at least one fish meal. We also eat at least one fish meal on the weekends (I don’t plan weekend meals). The veggies, carbs, and proteins are often interchangeable.

Meal 1: Quinoa salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, egg whites, dill, olive oil, and lemon juice; asparagus.
Meal 2: Grilled cheese sandwiches and a salad.
Meal 3: Salmon cakes on a bed of mache lettuce.
Meal 4: Organic beef hot dogs made with 100% grass-fed beef on toasted sprouted grain buns with tomatoes, pickles, relish, and mustard. This is a request from hubby! Smile
Meal 5: Brown rice pasta with a fresh grape-tomato/garlic/basil sauce and a salad. I’ll quickly sauté the halved grape tomatoes and garlic in some olive oil and then add a bit of the pasta water to make a sauce. After tossing the sauce with the pasta, I’ll coat the pasta with some freshly grated Parmesan cheese and fresh basil.

Now on to my workouts for this week. Unlike meals, I plan specific workouts for specific days. That way, I won’t be doing the same workout over and over again…

Monday: Barre-type workout.
Tuesday: The 30 Day Shred. A quick workout on a busy day, done before anyone gets up.
Wednesday: Barre-type workout and a walk with the family later in the afternoon. Must take advantage of the last few days the toddler will go in the stroller…
Thursday: Total body weight workout.
Friday: Yoga and cardio (either the elliptical at the gym or a run, depending on my schedule).

Questions: What was the highlight of your weekend? What will you be eating this week? What workouts do you have planned? 

Be well,