Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simple, Basic Turkey Sandwiches

[Guest post by hubby.]

Putting together my own meals has been enjoyable. Here are some lunches that I've packed for work the past several days.


It's all about turkey sandwiches. Just simple and basic. Like I try to be. :)

Yesterday, I made a comfort meal that wifey has grown to like a lot. Even more than I like it. And that's saying something since I've eaten this meal since my childhood days.

It's good, old "bap egg on top."

We treat ourselves to this meal on a consistent basis. It's the first time I've eaten this meal without wifey since I've known her. Of course I'd be very happy if she were back home and we could enjoy this meal together. The thing is, she is home. And I'm so glad that she has this opportunity.

Always Grateful,



  1. Anonymous4/08/2011

    Wow, the bap egg on top sounds amazing, after taking a look at the recipe, it looks like something I could totally make!!

    I love that you added coconut water to your lunch!

  2. Way to go on the lunches!! I know for a fact that if I'm out of town Nick would never pack his lunch. Those turkey sandwich looks fantastic. I'm very impressed.

    I love when Andrea talks about that "egg on top" meal. I love eggs that have a runny yolk, especially when they cover something delicious and starchy!

  3. Your lunches look great! Almost better than the ones I make for you... :)

    Looking forward to some bap egg on top when I get back!!!

  4. That bap egg on top looks excellent!
    I love your lunch! I think most guys wouldn't pack such healthy lunches if they had to do it on their own.

  5. Kettle chips are like crack to me - love all your food choices!!

  6. WOW great lunches!

    and the egg dish looks so good!

    Glad Andrea is back (and toddler) safe and sound.

  7. Anonymous4/09/2011

    Aww, your lunches look yummy.

    Any plans to share the bap recipe? It looks bit different than the ones I've had.

  8. Anonymous4/10/2011

    super good looking lunches! it makes me want a turkey sandwich :)

  9. What a delicious looking comfort meal! I pretty much love anything that involves eggs :)

  10. Hi "Hubby"! Your lunches look great! Glad you are doing well while Andrea is back with her Dad. Please send my best to her!!! (Andrea, I know you are likely reading this, so hope you are doing well.) (and my best to you too!!)

  11. Now I am craving a sandwich and kettle chips.

  12. Anonymous4/11/2011

    Oh yum! I heart eggs. :)