Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mini Burgers with Mushroom Pepper Cheese Sauce and Weekend Fun

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I always get a bit sad after Labor Day as life is back to “normal.” More school, more work, less play. However, this year, I have decided to live in the “now” more and not long so much for the past (=summer). :-)

We had a fun, relaxing weekend. If you follow me on Twitter, you may already know that my weekend included two long hikes. I also spent some time recuperating from them… :-) But there is truly nothing better than spending the early morning hiking to the top of a mountain. I loved every second of it.

On Friday, I saw a tweet from Whole Foods that announced that their Friday deal was grassfeed ground beef for $3.99/pound. I decided to make hubby happy and got some.

As I mentioned in my last post, last week’s CSA box included some hot peppers, and I asked for suggestions what to do with them in my last post. Several of you suggested using the peppers in a sauce for meat or chicken. And that’s exactly what I did. I actually only used two of the peppers so far. I plan on using the others in a salsa (which several of you suggested).

Mini Burgers with Mushroom Pepper Cheese Sauce
The sauce was super easy but tasty. Here are the ingredients:

Mushroom Pepper Cheese Sauce
  • 1 onion
  • 6 mushrooms
  • 2 hot peppers (I’m going to use the other two in a salsa)
  • 2 Blue Cheese Laughing Cow wedges
I sautéed the sliced onion in some olive oil and then added the sliced mushrooms and peppers and sautéed the mixture until all veggies were soft. Then I added the cheese wedges and let them melt. Super easy, yet very good…


I mixed the ground beef with the following:
  • 1 egg
  • 6 ground whole wheat crackers
  • salt
  • pepper
  • ketchup
  • Dijon mustard
  • Worcestershire Sauce
And here are the burgers, served on mini sesame buns.

The toddler felt the need to attack them for some reason…

Questions: How was your weekend? What was the best thing you did or ate? I loved my hikes and my mini burgers…

Be well,


  1. I'm drooling right now...those mini burgers look delicious!

  2. Those burgers look great! I just, like 3 minutes ago, had my first blue cheese wedge - LOVED IT!

    My fave was probably whole foods quiche - so good!

  3. Andrea, those burgers look divine!! I'd of tore into them like the toddler too!!! :)

  4. Anonymous9/07/2010

    Oh hook me up with one of those! Yum.

  5. I love laughing cow cheese! What a great way to make an easy and light cheese sauce.

  6. Anonymous9/07/2010

    Yummy and cute mini-burgers!

  7. Spending mornings on mountains sounds amazing. I miss hiking. Can't wait to start doing some hikes as fall rolls in!

  8. OMG those burgers are making me salivate!

    Best thing I did - my husband threw me a surprise birthday party. Best thing I ate- sushi!

  9. I promised myself that after labor that I'd whip my butt into shape. LOL.

    While you had yourself a burger with mushrooms, I had myself a hotdog with muchrooms and some avocado. Yum!

  10. These look delicious! I love the sauce. So simple!
    As you saw from my blog, I was in Phoenix for the weekend. I ate some delicious mexican food! I swear, I could eat mexican everyday!

  11. Anonymous9/07/2010

    Ha - love the toddlers face eating the burger - priceless!

    Sunday was fun, my daughter and I spent the afternoon with my mom - we went to a local taste fest - I had something called bang bang shrimp from Bonefish grill and it was the best thing I ate all weekend!

  12. The toddler is getting SO big! He doesn't look like a baby any more!! Crazy. I heard that sale on grass fed beef, too! I didn't make it to the sale, though. :( I'm so glad you've been getting in some hikes despite the increasing demands of your schedule. I can imagine it's hard to go from such a relaxing summer back to the school year and all of its demands!

    Have a great week, Andrea!

  13. What a delicious burger and just the right size! I had burgers this weekend too.

  14. oh those burgers look delicious!

  15. Yummie, these burgers look awesome...they look very tasty :-)

  16. so awesome! i ate a lot of good things this weekend but now i'm craving a burger...

  17. Now, THAT is what I call a burger! ;)

  18. Although I don't eat meat, those are really cute little burgers.

  19. I love your "tester." What a cutie pie. The mini-burgers also look delicious. You put a lot of care into their assembly and I'll wager they taste as good as they look. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  20. First thing I did was follow you on Twitter :)

    These burgers look delicious, I'm almost licking the screen.

    I'm glad you had such a great weekend. Here it was just a weekend as every other and I did nothing special.

  21. I'm reading the Omnivore's Dilemma and I think I will be switching to grassfed beef from now on. I hope Whole Foods does that deal again soon!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend, and had some time in the kitchen. That's one of the best looking burgers I've seen in a LONG time!! And obviously the toddler agreed :) He's getting to be such a big boy!!

    Favorite part of the weekend was simply having two days off in a row. I haven't had that in over two months!

  22. Oh my that looks yummy. I have not had a burger in forever.

  23. I need to see where the nearest WF's is near me. I've don't recall ever seeing one and that makes me sad!

    I am getting SAD because my stay home mom vacation is almost over (but I have 4 more days including today) and I totally know what you mean about just savoring the moment. It's all we have!

    your burgers look scrumptious! I keep teetering between no meat and some and I think it's the season change because I would normally be able to walk away from a plate like that...(and then again I never met a burger I didn't want to attack like your lil guy!

    He's so adorable!!!!!

    We have been looking into getting a CSA box! I just showed hubs like 3 blogs that get them and we started looking around! I am super excited!
    have a great week!

  24. The sauce sounds delicious. I would have never thought to add the Laughing Cow wedges! My hubby would love those burgers.

  25. EEE! I'm SO craving a meaty burger now!! And you used one of m favorite cheeses!! >__<

  26. I love the picture of the toddler - attack!! Hehehe ;) This would be the perfect meal to make my husband happy, too. Especially your mushroom pepper cheese sauce. I'll bet it paired perfectly with the burgers.

    I hope you have as nice a time this weekend as last weekend! :)

  27. Oh my gosh- those mini-burgers look amazing!!

    Toddler is adorable as always!

    Best part of my weekend was hanging out with my favorite kiddos Owen and Emma Kate and best food was homemade waffles with dark chocolate and berries- yum.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Andrea!

  28. that lil' punkin is getting too cute!

    and those burgers! i love that easy, on-the-fly cheese sauce you made with the laughing cow. i always forget how easy and flexible they are to use ina variety of dishes.

    and amen to living in the now.

    i am still working on that one... :)