Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Staying Motivated

I love being physically active, and I crave some physical activity every day. Now, with the toddler as my "personal mover/trainer" that's not that hard. However, it does get hard from time to time to stay motivated to work out, to mix up my workouts, to challenge myself with more difficult weight routines, to run a bit faster or longer...

The other day I was running at the gym and the only reason I was there was the toddler; he had a "play date" with some of his friends at the gym's childcare. I REALLY didn't feel like working out that day, but since I was already at the gym and I couldn't leave, I thought I might as well work out, right? So I decided to run for 20 minutes. After I was done with my 20 minute run, I actually felt like doing more and ended up running for another 25 minutes. And I felt absolutely great when I was done! My point is I guess that just going to the gym and doing a little exercise can be very motivating. Here are other ways I have motivated myself to workout lately:
  • visits to the Farmers' Market AFTER the gym - nothing motivates me more than the thought of fresh, organic veggies & freshly baked bread! :o)
  • a massage AFTER a workout - I got a gift card with three massages for Mother's Day :o)
  • using the steam room AFTER a workout
  • going shopping, even if it's just window shopping, AFTER a workout
  • a small cup of frozen yogurt with fresh berries - there is a Pinkberry just steps from my gym... :o)
  • remembering how amazing I feel (and how I need the energy to run after the toddler) AFTER a workout
Questions: What motivates you to exercise? What little "tricks" do you use to motivate yourself when you don't feel like exercising?

Be well,


  1. Anonymous7/08/2009

    I only allow myself to read my magazines while at the gym working out.

  2. I'm always motivated to work out but making time is hard. I haven't always felt that way and I think it was mostly to do with me having all my workouts planned out before. Now I just do what I want to. If I want to swim, I swim. When I want run and then lift weights, I do that. It's fun. Also, good music always helps.

    Congrats on your long run!

  3. Anonymous7/08/2009

    Your motivations are just like mine... I LOVE LOVE LOVE frozen yogurt! At least you have your kids as accountability. Just schedule their play dates every day at the gym :)

  4. i have a playlist on my ipod called "exercise." my go-to songs that are ONLY used for emergencies!

  5. those are great motivations for working out! I will have to try those out when I am dragging :)

  6. I know that feeling, when I get to the gym and am not in the mood to workout, but once I get going I just don't want to stop!

    I have found through the years that I have to workout in the morning or early afternoon or else I won't workout at all. I have very little motivation at night. Working out in the morning, before I shower, and after a nice breakfast, always keeps me on track!

  7. Anonymous7/08/2009

    Oh, I love being keeps my moods and spirits high, and I love the rush of endorphins and the fresh air...
    I don't really need to motivate myself particularly to exercise...I don't really THINK about's already ingrained in me as a daily habit, so I actually feel weird if I DON'T exercise...I guess that's my "trick"?

  8. Anonymous7/09/2009

    I totally agree that I'm totally pumped to buy all sort of good veggies and foods after I've worked out!

    A morning work out always puts such a good spin on my day, I get my butt out there knowing I'll be wishing I did later if I don't!

  9. Heart disease runs in my family. This is a HUGE exercise motivation. I love walking too. It's my "me time" and I find it to be relaxing so it makes it stress reducing and gives me energy!!