Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Peachy Summer Day & More Mushrooms

Our day was filled with peaches from my in-laws' yard...

The toddler loved to pick them.

He also loved to eat them...

More Mushrooms for Lunch
I have noticed that when I like something, I tend to want to eat it over and over and over. So for lunch I picked up more portobello mushrooms and, after marinating & grilling them, put them on top of a salad. Also very tasty...

Questions: Do you tend to eat the same foods over and over? What's your favorite food at the moment?

Be well,


  1. Anonymous7/14/2009

    At the moment, I am really into Greek Yogurt with frozen fruits ontop of kashi waffles. Yum. Yummy peaches. I have a peach tree, but by the time they are ready to eat, birds and bugs have already gotten most of them. What's the secert to such a bountiful peach tree?

  2. I'm not sure what the secreat is; it's my in-laws' tree, and I'm lucky enough to only have to worry about picking and eating... :)

  3. aww the toddler is too cute :) peaches are so delicious right now!

  4. I've never seen peaches like that. They don't look fuzzy...

    Let's see, yup there are some foods I eat all the time. Apples, cereal and yogurt are 3 that come to find. I love fruit and right now I'm eating a lot of berries!!

  5. LOVE the toddler pic.

    here? in the 105 degree heat?

    we are all about the freezepops.

  6. The fruit and mushrooms look awesome! I haven't thought of using the grilled portobellos in a salad. I'll have to try it.

  7. Aw the toddler makes me happy! I DO... bad. I'm such a creature of habit. Lately i've been on mushrooms, too! Like i'm buying 3 packs a week - can't get enough! Other than that pasta... but i'm trying to break free!

  8. your kiddo is just about the dang cutest thing ever! i'm such a sucker for the little ones ;)

    yummmy mushroom salad!

  9. I totally get in ruts with food when I discover something new I love. For the past couple of months I've been all about roasted vegetables (mainly broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini)

  10. Anonymous7/15/2009

    Yes I DEFINITELY eat the same thing over and over when I find something I like. Breakfast cookies anyone?

  11. I definitely go in spurts like this. Right now I can't get enough watermelon. We stopped at the roadside market today and got the biggest watermelon ever! Just for fun I put it on the scale when we got home - 30 pounds! It made me laugh when one of my kids said - "Mom - you lost 5 of those watermelons!" Kids of bloggers know what's important!

  12. The salad looks great!