Sunday, July 19, 2009

Enjoying Nature

We have taken the toddler a lot to the Nature/Garden Theme Park. It's the ideal place for young children. There are rides, but they are smaller, quieter rides. And, the park is truly set in nature; it is surrounded by trees and nature, and inside the park there are countless trees & flowers. There are also learning sheds where kids (and adults) can learn about anything from butterflies to bees to plants native to the area.

The park opened when the teenager was 10 or 11, which was almost too old to truly enjoy the park as the rides are mainly for little kids and there just isn't that much excitement. But we still enjoyed several visits with him, and he enjoyed the natural setting of the park. When the toddler was born, I was soooo excited to be able to go back to the Nature/Garden Theme Park because really it's all about what I like... :o)

Here are some pictures from one of our recent visits where we were able to enjoy nature:

And here is the toddler, enjoying nature! :o)
Question: How have you enjoyed nature lately?

Be well,