Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Favorite Dessert

I like peanuts and peanut butter, but my gallstones don't particularly agree with them. In fact, a few months ago, I ate some peanut butter and ended up very sick. I therefore haven't had peanut butter since then. I guess nuts in general can be problematic when you have gallstones.

I have been eating about a handful of almonds almost every day for the past few months without any problems. So I thought I should try some almond butter. And that's when I first met my new favorite food!

The best thing about this almond butter is the ingredient list: raw almonds and NOTHING else! And that's what it tastes like, and I love it. Even though the name says "creamy" it's quite chunky. Hubby liked it but thought it took a bit getting used to. He grew up on "fake" peanut butter, so this is quite a change...

I still won't go overboard with my consumption of almond butter as I fear there may be gallstone problems if I do. So far, these are my favorite ways of eating almond butter:

Almond butter on top of banana slices

Almond butter on top of some dark chocolate
Now, why don't we put the two together?

Questions: Do you like almond butter? If so, what's your favorite brand? And what's your favorite way of eating almond butter?

Be well,


  1. I have never tried Almond Butter, but it sounds good...

  2. I love almond butter - I usually just get the TJ's kind b/c it's so good and also the cheapest.

  3. Anonymous7/09/2009

    I like almond butter in my oatmeal.


  4. Anonymous7/09/2009

    I LOVE AB! But I only like the creamy roasted kind with salt. And it's the best on top of pumpkin oats! :-)

  5. Anonymous7/10/2009

    Almond butter and chocolate! Welcome to the dark side! Muhahahahah!

  6. I do love AB but I still have to get used to the raw kind. I'm used to roasted and salted and it really makes a difference in texture and flavor! Of course, anything with dark chocolate is going to taste like heaven :)

  7. I need to try almond!

    Ive gotten stuck on cashew and sunflower :)

  8. That looks good. I've been having almond butter with dates ... I would not have thought of that combination on my own but I gave it a try after seeing it on Big mistake. Now I'm hooked :-)

  9. That's the exact brand of Almond Butter I buy!! IT's very tasty, and looks yummy on top of that dark chocolate! I just bought some almond butter from TJs with added sea salt, I am excited to try it. So, why would almond butter not bother your gallstones? Isn't the fat content the same as pb?

  10. To answer Gina's question:

    Yes, I think the fat content in peanut butter and almond butter is pretty similar. That's why I'm very careful not to eat too much of it... I think in addition to fat, there are other factors that irritate gallstones. For example, I can handle a poached egg, but I get very sick after eating a hard-boiled egg. (I actually experimented with this after finding some research on this.) I basically just experimented with eating some almonds as I didn't want to restrict my diet too much, and I did okay.

    So I'm happy to eat some almonds or a little almond butter, but as I said, I am quite careful about the amount. I definitely don't want to have another gallstone attack!

  11. oooohhhh my are calling my name with this post! i am sooo glad you are lovin up on that TJ's. at first (after eating fakey PB too), i didn't really like it but i swear it gets better and BETTER everytime i eat it!

    love the banana/choc/AB stackers - i will def have to steal that idea soon :)

    happy friday!

  12. Anonymous7/10/2009

    LOVE AB!!! IT's such a great dessert! WAY better then the processed desserts:)

  13. Anonymous7/10/2009

    I love both AB and PB. I switch them up.