Friday, July 31, 2009

Korean Noodle Love

A few days ago, we went out to a Korean restaurant for lunch. I haven't cooked any Korean dishes in a while, so hubby (and let's be honest, I) really craved some Korean food!

I love all the Banchan (side dishes) - I usually eat so much of them that I don't have much room for my main dish. And it was no different this time. I love them all (kimchi, potatoes, marinated lettuce, pickled radishes, marinated broccoli, bean sprouts, seaweed salad...)!

Hubby got Kalbi Tang, soup with beef ribs. I don't really care for this dish, but he grew up eating it and loves it. Whenever we go out for a Korean lunch, that's what he usually gets. The soup has pieces of meat as well as noodles. And the broth is very cloudy...

And I got Bi Bim Naengmyeon (cold, spicy noodles). The noodles are very refreshing. They are actually served over ice, and it's my understanding that they are a typical Korean summer dish. I never eat the questionable piece of meat that floats on the top. But I did slurp my noodles a bit just for you, Sophia! :o) I know you don't really love Korean food, but when I ate/slurped the noodles I was thinking of you nonetheless... :o)

The toddler truly loved his Chapchae (noodles). We cleaned up for quite a while before we left as many noodles didn't make it into his mouth but landed on the floor....

Questions: What's your favorite noodle dish? Have you ever had Korean food? If so, did you like it, and what did you have?

Be well,