Friday, July 24, 2009

Sushi Lunch & Healthy Balance While On Vacation

I have been craving sushi for a while now, so we got some toddler-friendly take-out sushi (except for the VERY spicy tuna rolls) for lunch yesterday. It was delicious...

The toddler couldn't get enough of the Inari
It's funny how even a mini vacation leaves you with lots of things to take care of once you get back... Yesterday was filled with laundry, putting things away, grocery shopping, sorting mail - all the fun stuff.

One thing that was nice about our little getaway was the fact that we ate healthy food and got plenty of exercise. We actually planned all of our meals, including snacks and drinks, before we left (Hubby wrote out the most comprehensive meal plan EVER!). We took most of our food & drinks (we had to make sure we had good wine!) with us but also made a trip to the grocery store in Tahoe to get milk, yogurt & fresh fruit. It was really nice to eat healthy meals while on vacation; I felt sooo much better than I had in the past when we ate out for every meal, and I didn't make good choices...

We got plenty of exercise by walking everywhere. We walked at least 1 1/2 hours each day. Hubby and I both agreed that because of the good food and the exercise we felt great. Making healthy choices really pays off! That said, we had some wine every day, went out for Mexican food, and we also got some Coldstone Creamery ice cream... :o) It's all about balance...

Questions: Do you take your own food and/or snacks on vacation? What's your favorite food item to take on vacation?

Be well,