Sunday, April 30, 2017

Olive Green and White

A few weeks ago, Andy and I got to spend some quality time together and decided to go on a spontaneous date to Livermore Wine Country. We ended up in one of our favorite wineries, Murrieta’s Well.

I decided to keep my outfit casual and wore white jeans, an olive blouse and an olive jacket with some embroidery. I also wore olive slip ons. I really like white and olive together. I bought the jacket and the slip ons for my trip to Germany at the beginning of April, and they worked out well.

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The winery’s tasting room is beautiful, and we also got to enjoy a charcuterie board.

Questions: Do you live olive green paired with white? What’s your favorite color combo at the moment? 

Be well,

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Custom iPhone Case and Laptop Skin to Take Me to My Happy Place

CaseApp Custom iPhone Case & Custom Laptop Skin

Several weeks ago I was contacted by CaseApp and asked if I was interested in designing a custom iPhone case and a custom laptop skin*.

I use my phone and laptop all day long, and I knew right away that I would love to put photos of my happy place on both of them.

The process of designing both products was very easy and fun. And I love the way they both came out. Every time I look at them, I'm taken to my happy place, Avila Beach on the California Central Coast.

Avila Beach is very special to me as we have spent quite a few wonderful getaways there. It's also a place we spent time with my parents when they were still able to travel. They both loved spending time there, and my dad told me when I visited my parents a few weeks ago that he wished he could visit there just one more time.

Case App Discount Code

If you want to design your own laptop skin or phone case at, use CODE ANDREAS20 to get 20% off.

Questions: Have you ever designed your own phone case or laptop skin? If so, what was your experience like? What photo/saying/graphic would you put on your custom phone case and/or laptop skin?

Be well,

*Disclosure: I was provided with a custom iPhone case and a custom laptop skin free of charge. As always, all opinions are my own.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt and San Jose Art Walk

A few months ago, I ordered some LuLaRoe leggings, and I really like them. Since I got them, I read some not-so-good reviews online about LuLaRoe leggings (problems with ripping, etc.), but I haven’t had any issues after washing and wearing mine about half a dozen times.

I enjoy looking through the LuLaRoe online Facebook parties, and when I saw the black and white Cassie skirt, I knew I had to have it. It’s a piece that’ll be a wardrobe staple. Black and white is one of my favorite color combos, and the skirt is very comfortable. Plus, the waistband can be folded over to adjust the length.

LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt 1
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I paired the skirt with my Trina Turk Accomplice Top, a black cardigan, and black flats. The Trina Turk Accomplice top was one of my favorite purchases last year. I almost passed it up as it doesn’t look like much on the hanger, but the lovely sales associate urged me to try it on, and I loved it right away. It skims the body in a flattering way, is a bit heavier, more forgiving material, and washes really well. It’s one of the pieces I brought to Germany last year, and I wore it all the time. It also dries very quickly, which is a big plus while traveling.

I also wore a black and white necklace and my black and white sunglasses. Finally, I carried my go-to bag - the Rebecca Minkoff Dog Clip Saddle Bag. I bought the bag last year during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and it was a great purchase as well. It’s small but holds a lot more than meets the eye at first. And it really goes with everything. The Rebecca Minkoff Dog Clip Saddle Bag is on sale right now for a great price. 

LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt 2

We took the photos when we visited downtown San Jose on a Sunday afternoon. First, we got some Devout Coffee at Forager (I’m once again sticking to one cup a week and am proud of that…). Forager is still developing, and there is a lot of open space right now. And Devout Coffee is beyond delicious and every cup is a work of art.

LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt 4
LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt 5

And then we went on a little art walk of sorts. Cool wall art is popping up everywhere in downtown San Jose, and I want to document more of it one day in a more formal way.  

LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt 3
LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt 6
LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt 7

There is also a lot of cool architecture in downtown San Jose that I haven’t really ever paid attention to…   

LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt 9
LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt 10

Questions: Have you ever tried LuLaRoe clothing? If so, what was your experience? Is there wall art in a city close to you? I’m always a bit jealous of the cool walls that are everywhere in LA...

Be well,

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fighting Fine Lines and Wrinkles with SkinCare by Alana

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Alana Mitchell, a business owner, mom of two (one with autism), blogger, wife and big fan of beauty products. Alana asked if I was interested in reviewing some of her skin care products.* She also told me that she started SkinCare by Alana ten years ago in order to earn extra money to cover the expenses involved in raising a son with autism.

Alana now has two online stores, and, as well as a blog,

As I’m getting older, I’m always looking for products that help my skin look better. I told Alana that I have fine lines, especially around my eyes and lips and asked her what she suggested I try. I was sent the Alana Mitchell Quick Comeback Masque as well as the The Alana Mitchell Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum.

The Alana Mitchell Quick Comeback Masque is unique in that you activate it when you are ready to use it. There is a cotton pillow that transforms into a gel masque. The masque promises to plump, tighten and firm lines and wrinkles. I used the masque after a long flight when my skin was in need of some extra TLC, and it did not disappoint. My face looked refreshed, smoother and lines and wrinkles were less noticeable. The masque comes in a single use container, and I think it’s a great product to use when you want to get your skin ready for a special occasion, or when it needs a special boost, such as after a stressful day or a long flight.

The second product I was sent is the Alana Mitchell Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum. It promises to instantly plump fine lines and wrinkles with 20% Hyaluronic Acid. The first thing I noticed is the pleasant, light citrus smell. I used the serum morning and evening underneath a moisturizer. After using the serum for several weeks, my skin looks smoother and plumper, and I’m always looking forward to putting the pleasant smelling serum on my face. Before I was sent this serum to try, I had been using another serum for a couple of years, and I was actually quite happy with it. But I can honestly say that I like Alana’s serum better, and I think it delivers better results. Once I finish up my old serum, which I had stockpiled and have several bottles of, I will definitely return to the Alana Mitchell Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum.

I really like both products, and they help my skin look better.

Questions: What do you have in your skin care arsenal to fight fine lines and wrinkles? Have you ever tried Alana Mitchell products or shopped in one of her online stores?

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Be well,

Disclosure:* I was sent both products free of charge. As always, all opinions are my own.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Loud Green Pants

I’ve said before that when Pantone announced that greenery was the color of 2017, I was initially disappointed as green is not one of my favorite colors. However, since then I actually discovered that I have more green items in my closet than I thought...

And I even decided to add one more green item to my wardrobe - loud green pants. When I saw the print of the pants, I was right away drawn to it. I love the abstract flowery print with the different greens, yellows and blues. Most of my wardrobe is neutral, but a few “loud” items allow me to express my fun side.

Green pants 1
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Outfit Details: Green pants 

I wore the pants a few weeks ago when we visited the Central Coast and stopped in Pismo Beach - such a fun beach town. Since the pants make a big statement, I decided to keep the rest of the outfit neutral.

Green pants 2

Green pants 3
Green Pants 5 2
Green pants 6

Questions: Do you own any “loud” pants? 

Be well,

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cleaning Up My Eating, Drinking and Life for Summer

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I like to clean up my eating, drinking and life with a Conscious Cleanse - a food-based cleanse with plenty of delicious food to eat -  a few times a year. I like the Conscious Cleanse because it’s nothing extreme; you eat real food until you are full (but not stuffed), but you eliminate known allergens and give your digestive system a break from things that are hard to digest. And this year, the pre-summer cleanse comes at the perfect time for me as several stressful weeks led to some not-so-good eating and drinking, which in turn haven’t left me feeling my best.

Disclosure: I’m a Conscious Cleanse ambassador, and I will earn a commission if you sign up for the cleanse using one of my links in this post. As always, all opinions in this post are my own.

Benefits of a Conscious Cleanse

This year, the Conscious Cleanse* changed its cleansing schedule. Instead of a June cleanse as in the last few year, there is a May cleanse. I like the change as it will allow me to clean up my eating and drinking before summer. While I try to eat according to Conscious Cleanse* principles year round (with 20% leeway for “extras”), lately my eating and drinking have not been the best.

I visited my parents in Germany during spring break and was under a lot of stress before I left for the trip because I had to not only finalize grades, etc. for winter quarter but also had to have everything ready for spring quarter. Plus, I’m teaching one of my spring classes for the first time, which always means a lot more prep, etc.

Once I got to Germany, things came at me non-stop. I arrived on a Friday, and my parents had several appointments scheduled that they wanted me to attend on Saturday. On Sunday, I went on a 2.5 hour train ride to meet up with my aunt up north. And then on Monday I went to the hospital with my mom bright and early. In the middle of the day, I picked up my dad at the stroke/aphasia center nearby, and we went to the hospital together. On Tuesday and Wednesday my dad had several therapy sessions, and we also visited my mom. She had her procedure done on Tuesday, but, unfortunately, it wasn’t really satisfying as we didn’t get the answers we were looking for. Plus, she wasn’t doing well at all after her procedure. My dad and I didn’t leave until 8 p.m. and then took public transportation home, which in hindsight was a bad idea as we both were beyond exhausted. My mom was released from the hospital on Thursday afternoon, and I left on Saturday morning. I taught my first spring quarter class bright and early on Monday morning. To be honest, it’s all a bit of a blur.

Unfortunately, I fueled everything I was doing with plenty of coffee and too much food. I had been drinking one cup of coffee per week for months after the January cleanse, and I can’t believe I went back to 1 to 2+ cups a day…

I know that these were special circumstances, but whenever I don’t eat and drink things that make me feel my best, everything gets worse. I feel more overwhelmed, my stomach hurts, and I don’t feel like I have the energy to tackle life.

I’ve written many times about my experiences with the Conscious Cleanse*. Here are a few posts you may want to check out to get more information, in case you are interested in doing a cleanse yourself:

Conscious Cleanse Discount Code

The May 2017 Conscious Cleanse* starts on May 3 with a five day optional transition period. Click here* for more information about the Conscious Cleanse and to register. If you have any questions about my experiences with the Conscious Cleanse, leave them in the comments or send me an email at andreaswellnessnotes[at]

If you do decide to sign up for the Conscious Cleanse, make sure to use code AND25 to get $25 off the Classic and the Classic Plus plans*.

Questions: What eating/drinking/living habits do you want to clean up for summer?

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Be well,

*Disclosure: I’m a Conscious Cleanse ambassador, and I will earn a commission if you sign up for the cleanse using one of my links in this post. As always, all opinions in this post are my own.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

White Jeans and a Graphic Tee

Last summer when we visited my hometown in Germany I bought a graphic t-shirt. I love the colors of the t-shirt: white, black and red. I paired the t-shirt with my white jeans, red Mango flats and a red necklace.

Würzburg tee 1

You have seen the white jeans before. They are Old Navy Rockstars, and I really like them.  

Würzburg tee 2
Würzburg tee 3
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Outfit Details: White jeans, red flats from Mango (I love these red Mango flats)

Questions: Do you like wearing white jeans in spring? I like white jeans year round, but there is something so nice and fresh about white jeans in spring. 

Be well,

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sentence a Day: March 2017

Today I’m joining Sarah from Foxy’s Domestic Side and Leslie from Once Upon a Time Happily Ever After as well as Jodie from Jodie's Touch of Style as we share the sentences we wrote in March. You can read my January sentences here and my February sentences here.

March 1, 2017
After driving my Hyundai Santa Fe for 14 years, I sold it today; it was time to move on, but it was still strangely sad.

March 2, 2017
A quick workout at the gym in the middle of a busy day always makes me feel better!

March 3, 2017
We tried out a new restaurant today, KoJa (Korean Japanese) Kitchen, which opened on Wednesday; it’s promising but they still have quite a few kinks to work out (we ended up getting some free food because of several mixups).

KoJa Kitchen 2

March 4, 2017
The kid had a birthday party in Livermore, so Andy and I got to do a bit of wine tasting at Murrieta’s Well, including a tasty lunch.

Murrieta s Well Food 2

March 5, 2017 
I had my one cup of coffee for the week today at Forager in downtown San Jose, and I enjoyed every drop. 


March 6, 2017
I love all the street art that’s popping up all over downtown San Jose. 

San Jose Wall Art

March 7, 2017
Super busy day as I’m getting ready for our little getaway on Friday and my trip to Germany during spring break when my mom will have surgery; I’m proud that I managed to get 10,000 steps today!

March 8, 2017
I am wearing red with pink for International Women’s Day today.

Red and Pink Outfit 1 
March 9, 2017
I’m looking forward to our little getaway to the beach tomorrow!

March 10, 2017
Andy had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and got good news; we enjoyed the beautiful drive to the beach and the beach itself that much more! 

Beach Getaway Morro Bay

March 11, 2017
We got to enjoy a beautiful day at the coast and are very thankful; the short but wonderful getaway makes up for the fact that we won’t be able to spend spring break together as I’ll be visiting my parents because my mom has to have surgery and my dad can’t stay by himself.

Beach Sentence a Day

March 12, 2017
We made the 3-hour drive home a part of our trip and explored the beautiful Central Coast area, including a stop at a brewery with lots of outdoor games like cornhole and giant Jenga games, a cidery (with yummy root beer) and Mission San Juan Bautista

Sentence a Day Beers

Sentence a Day San Juan Bautista

March 13, 2017
Today was a super busy catch-up day - lots of work, lots of laundry and cleaning, and grocery shopping (but the trip was worth it!).

March 14, 2017
Another super busy catch up day; the price to pay for a weekend away…

March 15, 2017
I spent the day getting lots of work done, but I did manage to escape to the gym for an hour.

March 16, 2017
I tried to remind myself throughout the day to enjoy the process of getting my work done as much as possible.

March 17, 2017
The kid woke up with a sore throat and was quite sick by the end of the day.

March 18, 2017
The kid was very sick today, and I brought him and Andy a cake pop back when I went grocery shopping.

Starbucks Cakepops 
March 19, 2017
The kid felt a bit better today (at least earlier in the day), and we briefly left the house for my weekly cup of coffee at Forager in downtown San Jose; we also shared a cookie, and Andy had a beer. 

Forager Devout Coffee

March 20, 2017
The kid still had a bit of a fever and a sore throat this morning, so he stayed home from school; I felt guilty because I had so much work to get done and little time for him…

March 21, 2017
I love all the wall art popping up all over downtown San Jose; I’ll have to document it all in a more formal way some day.  

Sofa Insta Pic

March 22, 2017
I don’t teach on Wednesdays this quarter, and Andy took the day off today, and we got lots of errands done before my trip next week and were able to enjoy each other’s company; it was so nice to spend some uninterrupted and unhurried time together.

March 23, 2017
Just another busy day trying to get things done before my trip.

March 24, 2017
It’s raining again today, and I got lots of work done for next quarter while sitting by the window and listening to the rain.

March 25, 2017
The kid had a sleepover at a friend’s house, and Andy and I went out for Thai food.

Tee Nee Thai

March 26, 2017
Another day of lots of errands and getting ready for my trip.

March 27, 2017 
More of the same, but I got a good workout in at the gym.

March 28, 2017
I gave my last final of the winter quarter today.

March 29, 2017
The day was filled with finalizing grades, cleaning and packing.

March 30, 2017 & March 31, 2017
And off I go to the airport to fly to Germany.

Question: What was your highlight of March? Are you going to join us this month and write one sentence a day? It’s lots of fun to look back at the month; I promise.

Be well,

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Embroidery & Stripes in Morro Bay

A few weekends ago, we took a trip to the Central Coast. On the way to our destination, we stopped in Morro Bay, a fun place to explore.

Embroidery  Stripes 1


How to Incorporate Trends into Your Wardrobe

It was a nice day but rather cool in the morning. I decided to wear my embroidered jeans, a striped tee and a greenish jacket. I realized that I had incorporated several trends into my outfit. I only buy trendy items if I like them and they fit into my existing wardrobe. Stripes are always on trend in my book, and the long sleeve striped tee is several years old. Since stripes are a trend right now, it’s a great time to stock up on some new striped items because there are many striped pieces to choose from. 

The embroidered jeans really spoke to me. While most of my wardrobe is pretty muted, I do enjoy owning and wearing a few statement pieces, and the jeans make just enough of a statement. And while the green denim jacket isn’t close to greenery - the Pantone color of the year - I was recently surprised when I realized how many green items I actually have in my closet; I don’t think of myself as a “green” person.

Embroidery  Stripes 4

Embroidery  Stripes 5

Embroidery  Stripes 6

Embroidery  Stripes 7
Embroidery  Stripes 8
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Outfit Details: Embroidered jeans (I like these), striped tee (similar), green denim jacket (I like this olive-green denim jacket), Skechers.  
Embroidery  Stripes 9

Questions: Are you planning on incorporating any trends into your spring wardrobe? If so, which ones?

Be well,